How easy it is to Wake up and be alert in 5 minutes: experts give advice

Как легко проснуться и быть бодрым за 5 минут: специалисты дали советы

Most people in the morning feel overwhelmed, tired and can’t Wake up. But this problem can easily be solved.

We emphasize that the morning fatigue can cause a chronic lack of sleep, blood pressure, nervous or physical exhaustion.

It is therefore important to ensure that morning lethargy and apathy – not a sign of disease and happen only from time to time.

How easy to Wake up?

1. Ruthless, but effective advice: don’t delay the alarm. Ten agonizing minutes in bed waiting for the inevitable, it will add vigor. In addition, physicians note that zapremina after waking up, we often sink into a deeper phase of sleep, and means to start the day will be even more difficult.

2. There is a theory: in the morning you need to stay on the feet only nine minutes – and you won’t be so sleepy. Start with at least five: walk around the apartment, take care of the skin or go in a warm shower, brew coffee or tea play with a pet.

3. Drink water. Not everyone likes to develop this habit, but most of it is good. Restore water balance after a night’s rest – and the body will get vitality. Don’t need the morning liquid liters – for a start just get a drink a few SIPS.

4. Take charge of several relaxing exercises. Sports invigorates perfectly, but you can see this only on personal experience.

5. Morning meeting routine and things are moving easier when we are full. The main thing – not to overeat, or instead energy comes lethargy and drowsiness.

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