How eye color affects a person’s character

Как цвет глаз влияет на характер человека 

The secret of this topic as a little spoiler when meeting new people. And in General, give a thousand percent that you have been faced with this question. And, most likely, in childhood point about the significance of eye color was included in the encyclopedia for girls (remember those?). But it is unlikely that their carefree years you could really understand the subtleties of reading the inner world of man. So here and now we will understand how eye color affects the character. Green Glazachev wrote that green eyes are either fools or crazy. It’s all a joke, of course. After all, green-eyed characterized as stable, reliable and principled people. Despite the stubbornness and hardness, they solve conflicts more often by peaceful means, generally avoid any disagreements.People with green eyes are very faithful and loyal. I always love passionately. Special Express kindness and tenderness. No wonder they say that they have a special sexual energy.Gray-selenides this eye color on the shoulder any vertex. With their strength of will is unmatched by any other. Whatever purpose these people are not a put — everything will be achieved. In the people such people are called “solved”. Oh, that would be reshaloy…Surepunch in which the word “luck” you will find more often than anywhere else. And don’t take it for a tautology. Explain: grey eye color invented for the lucky ones. Carry it everywhere: in career, in love, even where it is impossible to get lucky. And why be surprised? Owners of gray eyes, brave, smart and curious. Fearlessly and without delay decide all tasks. So, when you think about why you are less fortunate, to no avail. Take feet in hands and act.Reveal the secret: people with grey eyes are often monogamous. And it is very jealous. Although not always ready to advertise the latest quality.Golubinacaroline blue eyes determined and stubborn, reserved and confident.Sentimentality is not about them. In any unclear situation tears when they do not pour they will not soften.Dark golubyanka people with dark blue eyes can be compared to weather conditions in which shines the bright sun, but it is accompanied by thunderstorm and rain. They are persistent, but can be softer fresh pastries. Easy to their whims and rapidly changing mood.Seriesmusic like a fairy tale. Of course! Those who have blue eyes, the real romance. They are sensual and emotional. Easily, passionately and recklessly in love. The passion, unpredictability, spontaneity — it’s all about them. In addition, people with blue eyes direct. Love conflict and arguing, proving justice. In short, for the truth and the yard shooting at close range.Karaali would be asked to describe a brown-eyed man in three words, the answer you would hear the following: attractiveness, sensuality, wit. Agree? We — absolutely. Scientists have linked brown eye colour with intelligence. The perfect picture, you can not argue. But where to hide from the temper and stubbornness of these people, scientists have not suggested. Light ceramictile and shy to name those who have hazel eyes. These people are very hardworking and diligent. They can rely on, and they, in turn, are always happy to help. They do not tolerate pressure, so often to solve their problems independently, developing an individual approach.Dark karatekas eye color only appears very attractive and sociable people. Very quickly converge with others. Fall in love easily, but just as easy, and cool.Carneceria eyes… you also sang?So, black eyes — it’s about strength and resilience. About the initiative, courage and determination. Lovely ladies note: black-eyed men are very loving. They are all ready to go for the sake of the object of adoration to get a star from the sky — easy! Bring milk a flying cow even easier.

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