How heat affects the brain

Як спека впливає на роботу мозку

Scientists believe that the heat adversely affects the mental capacity
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Scientists from the Harvard school of public health conducted a study among students and came to the conclusion that the heat has a negative impact on intelligence and memory.

Within two weeks, the researchers observed the 44 students who were preparing for exams. In the rooms, 24 of them were air-conditioned, and the other 20 not. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that the temperature of the air affects human cognitive abilities.

The first five days of the experiment the temperature was kept within normal limits, but then came a heat wave that lasted five days, too. The next two days the street was cool.

Every morning the volunteers took on their smartphones for two tests for intelligence. The first was to correctly associate the color with one of the displayed words. The second test required the solution of simple arithmetic problems is to determine the speed of thinking and memory.

The data obtained showed that on hot days, students who lived in rooms without air conditioning, 13% slower in performing tasks with speed and concentration and worse, solved the problem than those who could cool the air in the room.

Як спека впливає на роботу мозку

Scientists claim that the heat is on 13% impairs brain function / pxhere

Previously it was thought that high temperatures only affects vulnerable populations, particularly the elderly and those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. But the authors of this study proved that heat can damage even the young and healthy.

It is important to know what are the risks for different population groups, given that in many cities, such as Boston, the temperature will constantly rise due to climate change,” said Jose Guillermo cedeño Laurent, lead author of the study.

The researchers also found that after the temperature began to decline, in a room without air conditioning it was still high. This happened due to the fact that the first building was built to retain heat. But now it’s more damaging than beneficial.

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