How iPhone has changed in 12 years

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

Steve jobs introduced the first iPhone on January 9 2007 at the Macworld conference. In late June, the smartphone went on sale. In those days to name the device was a smartphone was difficult. He was running on a closed operating system iPhone OS, with a minimal set of built-in programs without the possibility of installing third-party applications.

But now the term associated with iPhones is so strong that will not present a different scenario. We have decided to recall all models of the Apple smartphone. Such accumulated 18 pieces. If we consider the model Plus and Max for a single number and is increased to 24 models. Go!

iPhone (2007)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The only Apple smartphone that has several names: the official iPhone without numbers and indexes and informal “2G/first generation”.

The first display of glass, without a physical keyboard, without a stylus. The first year of existence it was impossible to install third-party applications. the iPhone is not supported already popular at that time, the 3G couldn’t record video with the built-in 2-megapixel camera.
What is remembered: iconic gadget for its time. The smartphone was first introduced users (who did not work with iPod) with data sync through iTunes, how to transfer files via Bluetooth and doesn’t support multitasking. And even when using third-party headsets need to cut the 3.5 mm plug, because the smartphone had a deeply recessed socket that fit quite well with only the native headset.

iPhone 3G (2008)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

A year kupertinovtsy demonstrated the second generation of Apple smartphone. He debuted with the operating system iPhoneOS 2, which appeared in the App store. The smartphone has support for 3G and GPS, black and white colors of the body, a drive of 8 or 16GB (the first model had a 4-to 8 GB).

What was memorable: the smartphone was short-lived plastic case, which was quickly covered with scratches, and in places the cable connection and headset often, even cracked. iPhone 3G became the first iPhone, which officially sold in Russia.

iPhone 3GS (2009)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The new smartphone has got seriously improved the stuffing. Due to the increased performance of the index “S” model stands for “speed” (speed). We first saw a smartphone with last year’s design, but updated iron, which later became a long-term strategy for the development of the model range. iPhone 3GS stood a camera capable of shooting video, autofocus, a digital compass and voice control Voice Control. There was a modification with a storage capacity of 32 GB.

What is most memorable: a tangible performance increase, which was evident after working with the old iPhone 3G. Even with the advent of the new iPhone in the old case of fraud there is a new niche for earnings. The old model started to sell new customers, which are poorly understood in the model number of the iPhone.

iPhone 4 (2010)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The first iPhone with the use of glass on the front and rear sides of the body. Many people still think the design of the model the best in the line.

The second important innovation was the Retina Display with a resolution of 640×960 pixels, which for many years became the standard both for iPhone and for devices of competitors. With minor improvements such screen was used in the models until the iPhone X, and now Paphlagonia Retina Display is installed in the XR and iPhone iPhone 11.

In addition, the model has a front camera with support for video calls, a gyroscope for control in games and a flash for the camera, which quickly adapted as a flashlight with the help of third-party apps from the App Store. Mobile operating system under which he worked smartphone, with the release of the new model was renamed from iPhone OS to iOS.

What was memorable: the model has lost the communication signal with a certain grip because of a failed location of antennas on the perimeter of the housing. The phenomenon is called antenagateand inflated bad moment in the press. As a result, a public apology to jobs ‘ at a special conference and a new class of accessories for smartphone – silicone bumpers.

iPhone 4s

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

This is the first iPhone, which was presented by Tim cook and the latest smartphone, which was released with jobs ‘ life. News about the death of Steve appeared on the day following the presentation of the smartphone.

The model, like two years ago, has not changed in design but has an improved filling. iPhone 4s first learned to distribute the mobile Internet via Wi-Fi to other gadgets, was able to transfer the image from the screen on the computer or TV-box Protocol AirPlay and shoot Full-HD videos. Added support for GLONASS and Bluetooth fourth version. The index “S” in the model name associated with the emergence of voice assistant Siri. At the start of the feature had a rather weak functionality and support only a few languages.

What was memorable: kupertinovtsy combined GSM and CDMA models into a single device (previously produced in different modifications), and Russian language support in Siri had to wait a few more years.

iPhone 5 (2012)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The first Apple smartphone with a larger display size. Cupertinos finally departed from the usual 3.5-Domovoi the diagonal and even released a special video justifying the new screen size.

The iPhone 5 has abandoned the 30-pin connector in favor of Lightning, which is still set to the Apple smartphones. The device first appeared LTE support. Along with the smartphone has presented a new headset EarPods, which eventually became the progenitor of the AirPods.

What was memorable: first shipments of smartphone black color, users have worn off the paint on the ends of the metal casing.

Yet to use the new model had to change or cut SIM card to nano-Sim format. Oh, how many manicure scissors and nail files were corrupted at the same time.

iPhone 5s (2013)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

This smartphone has long been considered the most popular and best selling model of the iPhone. All thanks to a convenient form-factor and excellent stuffing. The iPhone 5s introduced the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Apple set the fashion for the mass implementation of biometric sensors in smartphones. Cupertinos could make available and well-working sensor.

Together with the advent of the smartphone has changed iOS 7 drastically redesigned. The skeuomorph and icons that I wanted to lick, replaced the fill and gradient style Paint. A slightly modified design is used in iOS to date. In the line of a third colour – gold and black colour called “space grey”.

What is most memorable: a 64-bit processor of the new iPhone 5s required to optimize applications from developers. First, some programs will work faster and better on the old iPhone 5.

iPhone 5C (2013)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The first experiment Apple with the division line of smartphones have been mixed. On the one hand the users have got last year’s iPhone 5 in a bright plastic case with five colors, and the other is a small difference in price between the more efficient model and the “remnant” has pushed users to buy the iPhone 5s. The model is not particularly attractive, and the body was quickly covered with scratches and fading.

What would you remember: a bad “leaky” covers from Apple that spoil and without that not the most interesting appearance of the smartphone.

iPhone 6/6 Plus (2014)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

Under the influence of market cupertinos decided to increase the diagonal of the screen of produced smartphones. In September 2014, was first presented two versions of the same iPhone with a different display size (4.7″ and 5.5″). Large model received a mark of “Plus”. Smart phones have got a slim body, powerful internals and a cool camera that had to shoot Full HD at 60 frames per second. The Plus model was equipped with additional optical stabilization.

The apparatus has a module NFC for contactless payment through Apple Pay. A serious miscalculation was the amount of RAM. With 1 GB of RAM just more tolerant worked, but the Plus model with iOS updates started to slow down.

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

What was memorable: the first “lobation” from the Apple was too thin and had insufficient bracing. Many users have encountered with a bendable body, we first saw the protruding camera on the back.

iPhone 6s/6s Plus (2015)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

Minor update this year has brought too few significant chips in the iPhone. In addition to the new processor, 2 GB of RAM and improved camera, it should be noted sensitive to the force pressing the screen. For 3D Touch came up with some software features, but in the end, after a few years of technology is abandoned. The lineup was a new color “pink gold”.

Than it was remembered: in the Apple seriously reworked design, for the production of housing began to apply a new aluminum alloy. Compared to last year’s model ceased to bend in the body, and yet there methadonemaintenance feature moisture – proof. Cupertinos has already tested it before the official introduction of the iPhone 7.

iPhone SE (2016)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The only Apple smartphone that was presented in the middle of the annual cycle of iPhone updates. The SE model was released in the spring, several months after the start of sales of the flagship iPhone 6s.

With this Junior model was almost identical to the stuffing in the favorite users with a compact form factor. At the moment iPhone SE is the most popular iPhone in Russia and still gets iOS updates. iPhone SE at the time became the most powerful 4-inch smartphone and is such to this day. Manufacturers of Android devices even before SE put an end at this screen size.

What is most memorable: a good marketing for Apple. To sell in 2015, the smartphone design 2012 won’t work for everyone.

iPhone 7/7 Plus (2016)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

Starting with this model of the iPhone learned to swim, though the device’s warranty and does not cover failures selitem. The most notorious innovation was the refusal of 3.5 mm Jack. So aggressive cupertinos began to promote their AirPods wireless headsets and Beats. First, Apple moved from a biennial update cycle design. The model received appearance iPhone 6/6s painted in body color antenna.

To stimulate sales, added 5 colors. To the usual black, silver, gold and pink added glossy black onyx. Six months later, a sixth color – RED Product. The Plus model also increased the size of the display is now different from the basic dual camera module. In a couple of the normal lens the telephoto added. This allowed to double the optical zoom, and the bokeh when shooting portraits.

What was memorable: a large number of recessed models, ugly adapter to connect a wired headset, a third-party “tees” for simultaneous charging and listening to music.

iPhone X (2017)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The first truly new iPhone in years. The smartphone has got a new look, frameless screen with the famous bangs and a new method of user identification with Face ID. In addition, the users received a new case size and new screen sizes of 5.8″. The matrix is made by technology OLED, which was a big step forward. The smartphone has support for fast charging and have learned to charge wirelessly using common QI-chargers.

What is remembered: highly processed iPhone brought the first customers a lot of problems. There are strange artifacts on the display, and the failure of the screen in the cold, and low autonomy, and problems with Face ID.

iPhone Plus 8/8 (2017)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

A blatant attempt by Apple for the fourth time to sell us the same iPhone. The model acted as the latest gadget of a bygone era with Touch ID and budget solution.

Of notable innovations is the support for wireless charging and glass know the cover, without which such a charge would be impossible.

Under the hood, updated processor, camera, added Bluetooth 5 and support True Tone. What was memorable: the space cost of replacing the back cover, which cost more than the replacement of the display.

iPhone XS/XS, Max (2018)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

Another typical “s” model from Apple. The minimum number of changes inside the former design.

The new flagship has improved moisture protection (IP68 vs IP67 the iPhone X), but the terms of the warranty remain the same. Upgraded processor and camera. In the top configuration were installed 512 GB of memory. Major changes worth noting model that supports two physical SIM cards (for China) and support for eSim. Even cupertinos released model Max with a huge 6.5-inch display.

Than remember: immediately after the start of sales of the new flagships users have encountered problems with charging. iPhone not charging in standby mode for many users. Fortunately, the problem was fixed with iOS updates. The second bad news is the built-in “beutification” who without your knowledge were improved portrait shots.

iPhone XR (2018)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

The third and so far most successful attempt by Apple to produce a decent budget smartphone. In this model the developers used the already familiar Super Retina display instead of the OLED from the flagships. As a result, the frame around the screen have become larger, but it is noticeable only in direct comparison. The model received a new body size and display size. Unusual 6,1″ steel middle size between the regular iPhone and model Max. Also iPhone c XR began phasing technology 3D Touch.

The second major simplification was the camera. From budget models took the telephoto, but the software bokeh left. Rest the models are the same, which allows iPhone XR to demonstrate the best performance. And then there are six bright colors instead of dull white, black and gold.

Than it was remembered: in the Apple revealed that the budget iPhone could be more attractive flagship.

iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max (2019)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

Another minor update of the design in a three-year cycle of the iPhone. Along with the usual appearance and improved processor in the new iPhone expected to have added a third camera module. Now, along with the usual wide-angle lens and telephoto there is a super wide-angle lens. Other important changes – improved autonomy. Other differences from last year’s model it’s not that big. Apple has decided to experiment with the colors of the flagship, and added a dark green body colour.

What was memorable: the simultaneous shooting of three main chambers, which should appear in third-party software.

iPhone 11 (2019)

Как изменился iPhone за 12 лет

Cupertinos improved the coolest iPhone XR, adding the stuffing from the flagship Pro 11. Now available model became more powerful and received the second camera. There are the usual and over a wide angle but not telephoto. But who needs it? At the moment the device looks the most balanced solution and still at a nice price. Most users can stay on the device instead of the Pro model. Tone body became more calm, but familiar bright, unlike the flagships.

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