How many steps per day are mandatory for good health

Сколько шагов в день обязательны для крепкого здоровья

You can’t expect good health if the person does not walk. Other types of physical activity are also necessary, but in regard to the walk, the doctors categorical: in day it is necessary to do a certain number of steps.

Doctors gave recommendations on how many steps a day needed to maintain good health.

“People who care about their health in the day to do ten thousand steps. Fast walking should be given 40 minutes”, — said the doctor of medical Sciences Olga Tkacheva.

Also, according to Tkacheva, you need at least two times a week to swim or ride a bike. In General you should strive to physical activity was quite intense, not lower, said the expert.

In addition, to ensure an active and fulfilling life after 60 years of scientific experts strongly suggest to abandon the consumption of fatty food, alcohol and cigarettes.

In addition, the specialists of the American Cancer Society (the American society for cancer research) spoke in the press with the view that prolonged immobility and being in a sitting position are associated with increased risk of death from the effects of the 14 diseases. American doctors said after each hour of sitting on the chair need to stand up and stretch – even the 2-minute physical activity in this case reduces the degree of damage to the body sedentary.


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