How many times can you boil water without health risks

Сколько раз можно кипятить воду без угрозы здоровью

Many people are concerned about whether you can re-boil the water if it’s dangerous? It is believed that with repeated boiling in water, undesirable compounds are formed. According to Bogomolov, as a result of repeated boiling in water, indeed, appears potentially pathogenic substance: in particular, in a liquid increases the proportion of heavy water, containing the heavy hydrogen isotope deuterium. But such changes in water structure are minor, said the doctor.

“If before the second boiling water was cooled, the side of the substance will appear in it in smaller amounts, there will be less of calcium salts. When re-boiling water might appear precipitate, but that it only becomes softer. Such water tea tastes better and the liquid is more pleasant to use”, — said Mikhail Bogomolov.

The doctor said that drinking boiled water should always chilled, and in a natural way, not by mixing boiled water with raw (to do this, according to him, it is strictly not necessary). Bogomolov said that mixing boiling water and tap water makes the liquid much more intense harmful salts.

The boiling process should last at least 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes, gave another tip specialist.


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