How many win the French? Insee lifts the veil on the wages of the private

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  • In 2015, the average net wage amounted to 2250 euros per month.
  • The median wage is him of 1797 euros monthly.
  • The inequality of pay between women and men persist.

Insee reveals this Thursday, a study on the evolution of wages in the private sector. In 2015 (the last year taken into account), an employee in this sector received an average of 2250 euro net per month, which represents an increase of 1.1 % compared to 2014.

Main beneficiaries : the executives (+1.2 %) and manual workers (+1.1 percent). The first displayed a net average salary of 4141 euros, while the latter earn on average 1717 euros per month. These figures are however to put it in perspective, since the average does not account for wage disparity.

Inequalities that increase

For this, it is necessary to look at the median salary, which separates employees into two equal groups : hence, according to the Insee, 50 % of workers in the private earned less than 1797 euros net per month in 2015. The 10% of employees in the most precarious earning less than 1213 euros net monthly (see chart). On the other hand, the 10 % best-paid affect more than 3646 net per month. And at the very top of the pyramid, the 1 % of private employees receiving more than 8283 euros monthly.

The distribution of wages by part of the population, or deciles. (Ex: D1 corresponds to 10% of the French, the least well paid). – Insee

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Insee also notes that high wages increase more quickly than the low pay. Logical consequence : inequality has risen. The 10% of the employees of the private the more affluent have a monthly salary three times higher than the poorest 10%.

The wage gap between men and women still present

Other persistent inequality :the pay gap between men and women, even if it is reduced very slowly since 2008 (see graph below). On average, employees in affecting 18.4% less than their male colleagues. Again, wide disparities exist depending on the level of compensation.

The wage gap between men and women narrowed since 2008. – Insee

Insee note that the higher the wages are, the higher the variances are large. Thus, the wage gap between women and men is only 7.2% for the portion of salary the lowest, then he climbs to 21.1 % for the high income.

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