How much harm can black tea is drunk immediately after a meal

Как может навредить черный чай, выпитый сразу после приема пищи

You’ve probably heard that drinking black tea right after eating harmful. But do you know why you shouldn’t do, and what kind of pause should be aged before accepted for tea? Let’s find out in more detail.
Indeed, ignoring the rule that after a meal you need to take a break, can adversely affect your health. Therefore, it is best before going to the tea party, to wait a certain period of time. Some sources claim that it is sufficient to wait a half an hour, the other is 2.5.+

But why is it necessary to do? Actually, the explanation is quite simple — any liquid dilutes the gastric juice, therefore, considerably slows down the digestive process. Also black tea contains tannins, which, during the process of splitting to form tannin. This compound prevents the saturation of the body with protein and iron. There are different opinions about how dangerous this tea, but to come to a single failed anyone yet.+

Expert opinion

The damage from the tea depends on the amount of consumed food — says Angelica Shakirov, doctor of higher category, candidate of medical Sciences, gastroenterologist. If you drink after a light snack, then its negative impact will not be noticeable. But if the use occurs after a full meal, with plenty of nutritious food, it still hurt. In the stomach will increase the volume of the liquid, but in the end the concentration of digestive juice will be much smaller.+

In addition, regular tea drinking that occurs after eating, can contribute to the expansion of the stomach, which in turn can also lead to unpleasant consequences. Because of the tannin in the product, it is recommended to drink it at least 40 minutes after eating.+

Interesting facts:

  • In many regions, traditionally, the tea not only helps to digest food and absorption of nutrients. But this applies only to herbal and green teas.
  • Also, diluting the volume of fluid in the stomach, any drink helps to reduce excessive acidity, which can have a positive impact on health.

If you have a strong stomach and a well-functioning digestive system, then you should not worry about the dangers of black tea. But you can listen to the advice of gastroenterologists, are strongly recommended to refrain from drinking immediately after Breakfast, dinner or lunch.

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