How much is the bill for your consumption of alcohol ?

À combien s’élève votre facture de consommation d’alcool ?

Many Quebecers are since the end of last week the Challenge of 28 days without alcohol. This not only gives a break to be beneficial to the organism, but also to the credit card. I’ve experimented, it is effective.

Out of solidarity for my sweet, which was launched this challenge, but also because I was starting to feel boudiné in my clothes, I’ve done the month of January without alcohol. I do not recall that I have imposed a long period of abstinence since adolescence.

Like many Quebecers, I consider myself as a bon vivant, an epicurean, let’s say, ” enthusiastic “. This is a formula to cover with a varnish respectable a form of alcoholism that is rather widespread, rather benign, and socially encouraged.

How much does it cost ?

This is expensive, I can attest to that. The statistics on the money that we spend on alcoholic beverages are not clear, however. Statistics Canada classifies all expenditure on alcohol and tobacco, separately from those made at the restaurant.

According to information gleaned here and there, it would be around $ 750 per person per year, on average, but I do not trust.

The data that appears to be the most reliable from the Centre of expertise and reference public health, according to which Quebecers aged 15 and older consume on average the equivalent of 8.5 litres of pure alcohol per year (I insist on ” pure “).

Based on the actual sales of alcohol, this figure is high, but tells us nothing, however, on the amounts spent.

Let’s go with the obvious : the danger to the portfolio grows with use. This is particularly true in Quebec, where alcohol is heavily taxed.

Supply to the source, the SAQ, it’s expensive. It is more expensive, yet when you frequent the bars and restaurants. In the latter, the price of the bottle of wine is two times higher than the one displayed by the ” monopoly “, to which sum it is necessary to add yet another layer of taxes, plus tip.

Go out without drinking

There is not so long ago, order drinks without alcohol could be the label character annoying and social, but not anymore.

The bars and restaurants today offer options without strong alcohol suitable, in particular, on the side of the beer and cocktails (mocktails) that are sold often at a fraction of the price of the alcoholic versions. On the other hand, the amateur of bordeaux and of champagne may find the time long…

Alcohol and your health

  • The report of a survey of hot carried out by the firm Leger for the account of the canadian Council of retail trade reveals to us some data on the health objectives of the country. Here is what it teaches us about the intentions of Canadians with respect to the consumption of alcohol.
  • Only 9 % of people surveyed said they want to reduce their alcohol consumption (versus 48 %, for example, who say they want to lose weight).
  • However, 17 % say they want to do a month without alcohol. Those are mostly young. One-quarter of respondents under 35 years of age wants to face this kind of challenge in 2020.