How much Kim Kardashian gets for one advertising post to Instagram?

Сколько Ким Кардашьян получает за один рекламный пост в Instagram?

Insiders disclosed the cost of one ad post in Instagram account Kim Kardashian scandal due to unhealthy dietary SUPPLEMENTS.

Advertising in magazines or on television has ceased to be as effective as before. Now the business is focused on social networks. Many users are willing to buy the product recommended to them by their idol. According to information from the American site STAT for one of the usual promotional post in Instagram account, the reality star Kim Kardashian gets 500 thousand dollars. Recall that the annual salary of the former President of the United States was 400 thousand dollars. If you believe the rumors, his family Kardashian similar price list, which is set Kris Jenner, the controlling earnings of their daughters through social networks.

Information about the advertising contract was leaked to the media thanks to the scandal surrounding the products that Kim Kardashian is touting its subscribers. A celebrity was invited users to try a remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy. This BAD has many contraindications and side effects. The US authorities sent to the main office of the manufacturer Duchesnay USA the letter with the requirement to stop advertising a product through social networks Kardashian, however, insiders claim that the cooperation continues, and the sale of drugs has increased markedly. Not surprising, because the advertising on the blog with 144 million subscribers is more than effective.


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