How much more expensive the “motor” for the Ukrainians in 2019

Insurance coverage is necessary to buy every driver, but the insurance does not necessarily compensate for the losses from the accident.

На скільки подорожчає "автоцивілка" для українців в 2019

It became known, how much more expensive the “motor” for the Ukrainians, informs Rus.Media.

Already spring in Ukraine, the insurance policies will rise by 20-30 percent.

It is noted that the base rate of “autocitizen” will not change. Change only the coefficients and the amount of insurance coverage.

The Chairman of the Association “business Insurance” Vyacheslav Chernyakhovsky said that this year about 30 percent will increase the maximum size of payments to victims. The expert believes that without increasing the cost of insurance is not enough. Depend on not only the new insured amount, but the quality of the service.

In the Motor (transport) insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) reported that the order of detention and the use of electronic contracts of compulsory insurance can be found on the website under “For consumers”, “compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners in Ukraine”, “Electronic policy”. In order to issue the policy, the insurance company must be a member of MTIBU.