How not to become a formidable lioness in a relationship with a man: what’s important to the lady it is better not to do

Как не стать грозной львицей в отношениях с мужчиной: что важной даме лучше не делать

If you love a man, then you are ready for him to much. However, it is important to soberly assess all of the possible situations that you were truly happy together. Thus, to your attention a few simple things not to do in relations with the beloved man. Why would he formidable lioness?

A list of impermissible in relations with a man

You have your opinion and own point of view

However, the only reason to distribute the recommendations and criticisms of his works is not necessary. First, analyze the situation and try something to offer.+

Be moderately compassionate

Yes, you are his friend and his friend too, but excessive shame can lead to the fact that the man lowered his hands. To him be the incentive and inspiration that convince him that he is special for you, and it will be!+

If your earnings vary

If your income is more, it is necessary to abandon the costly gifts. The man will feel uncomfortable, if you get a gift item that will cost more than his gift to you. Better to spend more money for a joint purchase.+

Your interests and it can be different

To avoid conflicts, remember a simple word – compromise. And you and your man it will lead to a harmonious, full of understanding relationship.+

Take advantage and become the most tender of his lioness, the Queen of his pride! Probably, you these tips will be most welcome, or help to save the relationship. Don’t forget to share the material with friends!

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