How not to “fail” first date: the three most common mistakes

Как не "провалить" первое свидание: три самые распространенные ошибки

First date carries some kind of magic. This is a great time to get to know each other and understand for yourself, is there a future for your relationship. This is an emotional period, so you can sometimes give in to their feelings so just go and “fill up” date. So pull yourself together and just do not make the most popular errors, then all goes well.
Three of the most common mistakes that can ruin a first date.
1. You talk too much about Sabena first date both of you interested to know something about each other. Therefore, the most successful format of communication – dialogue. Otherwise, if you start talking only about yourself, then your opponent just bored. Therefore, undertaking a story about yourself, remember that your choice would also be interesting to tell you my story. Also do not forget: people are happy when they listen.
2. Do not let the phone out ruqu era of technology, social networks and instant messengers, not everyone can cope with them, not to look at my phone every 15 minutes. If this date is important to you, then try to devote time to his elect, and not the phone.
Date often occur in the evening, so try this time to solve all their business issues, friends and relatives can say that you’re busy, and ask them to not disturb you. Or simply unplug the phone – this will give you the opportunity to devote more time to the chosen and distract from pressing issues.
3. Make a date in depressiviteit, especially the first – it’s a great way to maximize to learn more about your chosen one. As we said in the first paragraph, on the first date format dialog are the most successful, which is not true of the interrogation. If you have a lot of questions, try at least to dilute some stories. Otherwise at best you will put the elect in an awkward position, and at worst you’ll be bored quickly and the first date could easily become the last.