How not to fall ill with diphtheria. All about vaccination against this disease

Как не заболеть дифтерией. Все о прививках от этой болезни

Vaccination against diphtheria. An adult need to be vaccinated every 10 years

After measles in Ukraine came diphtheria.

Today, according to official data, in Uzhgorod sore 15 people, one in Kiev and one in Odessa. Only 17 people. This figure is already higher than in the previous year, when the threat of infection had been ill ten Ukrainians.

“The country is” already in detail told, why Ukraine starts an epidemic of diphtheria and who left the country without a serum that cures it.

In this article we will stop in more details on the vaccine disease, and also symptoms of diphtheria. We also provide the position of Dr. Komarovsky – the most reputable Ukrainian pediatrician.

Diphtheria what is it?

Diphtheria is an infectious disease. It is transmitted in all ways except the sexual: airborne, contact-household and food (through contaminated food).

At first, diphtheria can be mistaken for angina. In this disease the person has a high temperature, and on the tonsils appear white dots.

In the case of diphtheria the disease is more serious. It is not just white dots – filmy coating envelops virtually all the throat. In addition, there is a swelling of the soft tissues of the neck, which is not angina. In simple words, the neck can “swell” several times.

At first sign of symptoms (even if the disease is similar to sore throat), it is better to contact the clinic. Some parents think that to go in infektsionku dangerous, they say, can come with small disease, and will leave with a threat. This is one of the myths we try to dispel in this article.

First, in the hospitals, especially infectious, is a powerful sanitizing. There to pick up the disease more difficult than in the bus where salon wash cleaning from time to time.

Secondly, people who have serious infectious disease, are in separate blocks, not in the pit, where citizens and which also regularly sanitized.

Again: at the first symptoms, even a little bit like diphtheria, you need to go to the hospital.

Vaccinations against diphtheria

Vaccination schedule against diphtheria looks like this:

1) 2 month (DTAP),

2) at 4 months (DTAP),

3) 6 months (DTP),

4) to 18 months (ADF),

5) in 6 years (ADF),

6) at the age of 16 (ADS-M)

7) in 26 years, and every subsequent 10 years.

Many from the Soviet era know the name of the vaccine DTP – adsorbed pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus vaccine.

Most in the parents fear vaccine components pertussis, which is administered to a child in the first years of life. Then there is only a vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus.

Young mothers see an adverse reaction after vaccination, mainly in children with fever. However, if women (especially if they have a first child) is revered forums that they often do, the desire to do the DPT vaccine can do to fall away. Moms write about convulsions, foam at the mouth, persistent vomiting, edema, rash and many others.

Reinforce their beliefs fatal cases. For example, in 2018, in the Ternopil region after vaccination against diphtheria died on 6-month-old girl. Isolated cases of death after vaccination are recorded annually in Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries of the former USSR.

However, the autopsy shows that we are talking about intolerance, specific people, and the number of cases is one of tens of millions. Moreover, after conducting research, the doctors do not Express 100-procentul confident that the cause of death – it inoculation.

Another argument of some parents – the child’s immune system can learn to fight the infections itself, it does not need to stuff the baby “chemistry”.

Because of the abundance of Internet forums where most moms consider themselves to be doctors, parents refuse vaccination.

The former head of the Ministry of health Suprun cited figures: in Ukraine, vaccinated only 70% of children, adults less so. She tried to promote vaccination, including by example, but many causes that smile. In the end, during her tenure on the post of acting Minister of the culture of grafting are not qualitatively changed.

With respect to the availability of vaccines against diphtheria. The authorities claim that there is no problem.

According to the Centre for public health, as of October 1 in Ukraine there were 4,908 million doses of vaccine against diphtheria for adults with an expiration date to 2021.

And more than 2 million doses of vaccines for children of preschool age with DPT and more than 6 thousand doses of ADS and ADS-M (at 1 August 2019).

Some parents deny, say, vaccines is not. But often this distortion. Maybe in some hospitals in specific day, she really was absent. However, most likely, she went there a few days or weeks. It’s too bad, but nevertheless: if someone’s school-age children have never been vaccinated against diphtheria, then blame the government for sure is incorrect.

Moreover, those who do not trust the public medical institutions can always get vaccinated at a private clinic. It costs about 750 USD.

Dr. Komarovsky about vaccinations against diphtheria

Because of distrust of the government, including changing the leadership of the Ministry of health, for many parents, the truth became the Kharkov pediatrician Eugene Komorowski. He is an authority on the prevention and treatment of children not only in Ukraine but in all countries of the former Soviet Union.

If you follow the speeches of Dr. Komarovsky relating to the diphtheria, the outbreak of disease from predicted several years ago.

In 2017, the pediatrician noted that of all the infectious diseases he is most afraid of is diphtheria. Also he said he just wants to talk with parents who have not vaccinated children from the disease. And rudely predicted for such individuals “natural selection”.
Doctor Komarovskiy – on diphtheria and vaccines from it. Video: 112

In early June of this year regarding diphtheria Dr. Komorowski also voiced quite disappointing forecasts.

“Today, we have measles, where the mortality is about one in 1 thousand patients. And the situation with protection against diphtheria – not better. And if change comes measles diphtheria, it will be a mortality of 5% at least. And this is a different order of threat,” – said Komorowski.

According to him, calls for society to be vaccinated because of the threat of measles have failed, and the country was launched a campaign against vaccinations.

Note that, according to media reports, the parents of the Kiev school student who fell ill with diphtheria, just do not plant it, and help bought. However, to confirm or refute these data, we can not.

Also we offer our readers a special where Dr. Komorowski responds to citizens ‘ questions about measles and diphtheria.
Dr. Komarovsky answers questions about diphtheria. Video: YouTube Komarovsky

Serum against diphtheria

If the reluctance to be vaccinated against diphtheria is increasingly the position of the parents, in the case of treatment of the disease is the place the position of the state.

Authorities officially reported the existence of a 192 vial of the serum against diphtheria. If this amount is divided into 24 oblasts of Ukraine, we have 8 pieces on the region. For the treatment of human need, on average, four doses of whey. That is, healing is possible for two people in each area.

This means that the medicine is essentially no. And the country’s leadership is completely unprepared for a possible outbreak of a dangerous infectious disease.

The reason for the lack of drugs is this: Ukraine does not produce diphtheria serum, they are generally few manufactures in the world. One of the world’s largest manufacturers antidiphtheria serum – Russia. However, because of the slogan “get od Moscow” the Ministry of health a few years ago stopped buying the medicine in Russia.

It happened in 2014. Then the refusal was explained by the fact that the serum is not certified by who, although many years before that it was very useful and saved the lives of many Ukrainians.

Foreign state in this case come much wiser than the Ukrainian authorities. They may impose sanctions against Russia, to criticize the leadership of the Russian Federation on all world markets, but when they need the vaccine, including diphtheria, they turn. The Russians quickly provide the desired serum – regardless of political innuendo.

Position Poroshenko and Co on this score was clear. What will we-the team will sit and wait for humanitarian aid from Europe, thereby endangering the health and lives of citizens, or will have a serum in sufficient volume – will see soon.

Recall, due to the low responsibility of citizens and shortcomings of the authorities from 1991 to 1998 in Ukraine there was an epidemic of diphtheria. In the years ill with about 20 thousand citizens, and 696 of them died. Source

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