How often should I change the engine oil?

How often should I change the engine oil? Question familiar to many motorists.

Як часто треба міняти моторне мастило?

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How often should I change the engine oil? Question familiar to many motorists. If motorists experience a long time ago discovered that, for beginners this issue is quite relevant.

Engine oil is a necessary element of our car. It’s like blood in the human body, without it anywhere. The principle is quite simple to understand. The engine consists of metal parts. They are customized so that between them there is a very small distance of several microns. When working, the metal to metal faced and need lubrication. Here is what you need and the engine oil in the engine. Leaked oil – the friction force is increased, the details began to heat up, and then the consequences are unpredictable. There are a variety of OEM recommendations the size of the run through which you need to change the oil in this car and this engine. The numbers are different, check here for your model. But there is one small caveat, which few people think, but it is advisable to be aware of. Look. For example, the car manufacturer recommends to change oil every 15 thousand kilometers. It would seem that easier, mark the numbers of the speedometer and at the right time visit the service center. Now, turn the head and soobrazhalku. If the car moves with average speed 80 km / h and average speeds of the engine at 3 thousand rpm, then 15 thousand kilometers we will drive for 200 hours. Of course, it’s not really more than a week to sit behind the wheel forever, but we yet believe. It is easy to calculate that for 200 hours crankshaft of our engine will carry 36 million turnover. Well. Now, looking at the option of movement in our urban traffic. Moved, stopped, and so on. The crankshaft revolves, miles when you stop are added. If you take the average, the approximate value, the same 36 thousand rpm, the crankshaft will no longer committed for 15 thousand kilometers, and for the 9 thousand. That is, approximately 2 times less. It turns out that if we follow the instructions of the manufacturer and to measure the speedometer on the coveted 15 thousand mileage, and ride with our traffic and neskuchne weather conditions, it is, in fact, our mileage will be more than 20 thousand kilometers. And this is a significant increase for the most expensive synthetic oils. For the engine it just can’t be. Our drivers have long been, empirically derived a simple formula for the frequency of oil changes. Everything is quite simple. If you bought mineral oil, then change it every 5-7 thousand mileage. – If the oil is synthetic, then a replacement time more, about two times, or every 10 to 12 thousand mileage of your car. There are, of course, the more frequent change of engine oil. Personally I know of no one who change synthetic after 5 thousand mileage. But that being said, it’s private, has the desire, so at least a thousand. The car, in General, is unpredictable, no two are the same, which the owner of such a car. If the driver is neat and quiet, and the car is running safely and securely. If driving the racer, and the car will be in service more often. Well, it’s the lyrics, back to the engine oil. Here’s the rules, which it is desirable to adhere to. If you purchase a car, especially if with high mileage, it is advisable to change the engine oil and fuel filter. Not to say the previous owner to check on their own wallet, not the best approach. It is better to pay a little bit, but to be sure the heart of his new friend. The same applies to new cars from showrooms. Who knows what sort of craftsmen are working, as earn their bread. Their job is to sell, a ride you. Longlife – oil with an extended oil change interval Is in the sale of brand oils, which are marked longlife. The literal translation of “long life”. If you believe the assurances of manufacturers, the replacement interval, these oils need to be much larger than the conventional one. Як часто треба міняти моторне мастило? Is it possible to blindly believe such statements? What is this modern additives or just another marketing ploy for gullible buyers? To replace oil with extended service intervals possible, but only in compliance with three conditions: – 1. If the manufacturer has provided for this brand and for this engine increased the oil change interval under the longlife brand. If not, then conduct the experiments at his own expense it is not rewarding and is not profitable. – 2. If the manufacturer does not conduct testing of its engines using engine oil longlife. Why should there be an official confirmation in the form of a certificate. – 3. If you use your car only in those conditions and in such modes that are valid for the system of longlife. For the first two items, it seems, everything is clear. Need to see those papers which confirm that on your machine you can use the longlife system. Of course, it is better not to believe the words of the seller, it is important to sell, a ride you’ll have. And to solve the problems, it is you and not the sellers. Try then prove that a fault in the engine appeared due to the use of oil with an extended oil change interval. But the third point, it is a simple task logic. In our conditions, the operation of the car is much different from the situation in other countries, the same in Europe. There is, for example, the streets are washed every morning, of course, that the amount of dust and dirt in times less than us. Plus, all the other temperature regimes. The conclusion is simple. Oil, antifreeze longlife is a good thing, but only for those countries where the mild climate and on the roads there so many chemicals, dirt, dust and snow. You should regularly check the engine oil level. No matter how well the engine is not running, preferably every 1-2 thousand mileage still to look under the hood and check that there is oil going on. The procedure is simple, non-staining. Open the hood, pull out the dipstick. Will be immediately clear that there is going on in the engine. If the oil is light and clean, it’s all right, you can continue your journey. If a little on the tip of the probe is black and thick, it makes sense to think about replacing it and flushing the engine. For this there are special flushing oil. The level of the oil immediately to determine if you have just arrived. Need to give the car a little to stand, get the dipstick, wipe the tip dry with a clean cloth and put it back. Pulling back and you will see how much oil you have in the engine. It is desirable that the level was somewhere between min and max. If more oil is created excessive pressure, simply put, becomes smaller. If the level is low, the engine oil starts to miss, the consequences are unpredictable. Here are some simple tricks will allow you to answer the questions of beginners about how often should I change engine oil. Nothing complicated, you just have to follow basic rules, and your car will serve faithfully for many years.


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