How shops make you spend more

Как магазины заставляют вас тратить больше

It would seem that people made up a shopping list to buy just everything you need and not waste money on completely unnecessary things. But crossing the threshold of the supermarket or hypermarket immediately enters the network of secret above marketers. The common man just seems like a plastic card, coupons at the checkout and so created for his benefit. In fact, these “tricks” allow you to pull the buyer as much money as possible! About it informs its readers news Agency “Express news”.Cell storage does not need to protect things pokupatelyami the entrance to the store, the buyer immediately stumbles upon the cells into which you can put things and close the key. He thinks that the service is necessary to protect against thieves. In fact, as planned by the marketers cell free the hands of the people, and they will be able to buy more than planned. In fact, if it were in the hands of bags, it is unlikely that the buyer wanted to add to his burden. I would take bread and left the store.Truck not for comfort, but for a large number pokopoko experts compared truck this year from 2009, they found that their volume increased twice! And only this fact affected the sales, the value of which increased by 40%.Floor tiles — not just of piety probably noticed that nearly all shops in the flooring, use the tiles. And it is also not just. Because of the tile customer with a cart moves slowly, and thus be able to see the product and buy.Stickers discounts kindle apartmentanlage took the idea of a trick with stickers with the bonuses to receive the goods at a discount from our childhood. Who as a kid didn’t love collecting stickers? Adults do it with pleasure and now, when they’re in stores promise product discounts, if they will fill all the cells. And then there is passion. When everything is filled out, the person feels like a winner and runs to buy the same frying pan that would never have looked if it was just sitting on the shelf.Bonus cards not for skidata, with discount cards, you can get the goods at a discount. But they also coined by marketers in order to have all information about customer loyalty. After all, when they are received you voluntarily fill out a questionnaire about yourself, show everything: name, age, address, etc. as a result, the buyer know everything he bought, and therefore what is a discount presented to him.Promotional items is primanota hasno products usually are in some kind of carts or boxes directly into the aisles. And the buyer always touches their truck and, of course, will stop. Just dumped things create the illusion of their cheapness. I want to dig into them and have to buy.Anti-theft gate not to borrowmy think that such gates are needed shopping, so that through them slipped a thief. In fact, they need to count buyers who made a purchase. If you watch the sellers, they are trying to circumvent their system to not “believe” them as buyers

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