How the COVID-19 immiscera in our series ?

Comment la COVID-19 s’immiscera-t-elle dans nos séries ?

It should not expect to see Céline Bonnier fight the COVID-19 in The blue hour this fall. The chance to hear Anik Lemay talk about social distancing in The Breakaway are also low. Just as those attending to the containment of Maude Guérin in 5e rank. The global pandemic may disrupt our daily lives for nearly two months, it will save likely to be the universe fictional series in quebec.

Several playwrights have trouble seeing how they could sprinkle their plots of coronavirus when their series will resume on the antenna. For others, it is downright impossible. Author of’A different story, Chantal Cadieux falls into this latter category. The next 12 episodes of the soap opera with Marina Orsini are already shot. They should be presented on Radio-Canada this fall.

“I’m in the process of writing the third season, reveals Chantal Cadieux in an interview. It must start in January. Maybe a character could get the COVID-19, but for now, this is not in my plans. “


The authors of 5e rank, Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier are in a similar situation. Although the action of the series rural is located in 2020, the pandemic is to be absent from the narrative when Maude Guerin and company find themselves the waves. In fact, all six episodes are already in the box. And the other nine are written.

5th rank“>

5th place

“It would be necessary to go back 15 episodes back to be in the news,” says Sylvie Lussier. It should have a clean slate. “

On the side of The blue hour, although no new episode has not yet been shot, the authors Michel D’astous and Anne Boyer, will make abstraction of the epidemic, as the series starring Céline Bonnier, must take his leave in December to VAT. And to close each of the plots in half a season, no detour “coronaviral” cannot be considered. “It is the destiny of the characters who guide us. Not the current context”, ” notes Michel D’astous.

Reflection began

The line is still not drawn as clearly in Danielle Trottier. Attached to the phone, the author of All the life stresses that it continues its reflection. Will she be a coronavirus, through the walls of the School, Mary Labrecque and achieve – directly or indirectly – its pregnant teenagers ?

“I’m very ambivalent,” she says. The world will never be the same after this common experience, and planetary. But is it necessary that it colors all of the stories ? Personally, I have the feeling of being invaded. It takes a lot, a lot of place in our lives. I fear that by inserting a big topic in a series, it takes up all the space. But I could make a reference to someone who lost her grandmother due to the coronavirus… “

To Michelle Allen, who signs The Breakaway, nothing is cast in concrete. The situation is evolving so fast that it is waiting to hear the date for the resumption of the shooting to assess the situation, just to see how our world will be transformed.

“Is it going to be post-COVID-19 ? Is it going to still be in it ? If, in a few months, everyone wears a mask in public, our fictions are going to have to represent this new reality. The Breakaway, this is not a work of historical fiction. Our characters will have to adapt. “


The only one who seems resolved to discuss the current crisis is Luc Dionne. Ignore the pandemic in District 31 is not an option for the author of the popular police drama.

“The COVID-19, this is when the same happened. It is there. I’m going to use it, but not necessarily as the engine of drama. I’m going to mention it sporadically, such as in lines for comic relief. For example, Bruno might say something like : “Hold yourself away from me. At least two metres”. “


The current crisis teintera more intrigue to the long-term, say the authors. Chantal Cadieux believes that we will feel its influence in a subtle way, such as that of the movement #metoo. After the arrest of Harvey Weinstein in 2017, the authors have not all started to lay eggs series, films, songs and books that described sexual scandals on a large scale, but their way of writing female characters has been transformed.

“Our values may change, gliding Chantal Cadieux. What one writes will inevitably reflect all this. “

Same sound of bell on the side of Julie Hivon, the author of’Alerts, the series derived from’Amber Alert. “This is not because we live in a pandemic that we are going to all of a sudden just write it shows virus,” she says. Our relationships to each other have changed. It makes us think about the world in which we live. The things to which we are facing currently, the solitude, the confinement, the pandemic… It makes you emerge among the people things very interesting. Some become very anxious, others paranoid, others carefree… It feeds our imagination. “

According to Michelle Allen, the authors will take time to digest the news stunning in the spring and to express it on paper.

“We are bombarded with stories. This is powerful. The history of the boat, it is 50 films. The history of NURSING, it is 50 series… The stories, the struggles… You can’t just spit out all of it and copy and paste. With a little hindsight, I’m going to be able to remove something, but not right away. Because being an author is to have a point of view. This is not to make a quilt of anecdotes. ”

A routine unchanged… or almost

Containment measures may have transformed the daily lives of millions of Quebecers, but not that of the authors. Luc Dionne confirms : “It changes absolutely nothing. “

“To be locked up with us, I make it year-round ! says the author of District 31. Not being able to get out, it happens to me all the time. The buddies call me : “Friday evening, we are going to the restaurant. Do you come from ?” Most of the time, my answer is : “No, I can’t. I have not finished writing”. My life, it really is the same. “

District 31“>

District 31

Same echo on the side of Chantal Cadieux, who has always adopted the mode confinement to write his series (Mémoires vives, another story).

“We are accustomed to be soft with us, working on our computers !” laughs she.

With the children

For some writers parents of young children, the closure of schools has slightly changed the situation. They can continue their work, but as the house is suddenly filled from morning to evening, they need to redouble their efforts to keep their level of concentration.

“The atmosphere is different,” says Julie Hivon (Alerts). It is as if one was on leave… but it is not. I like having my gang around me, but it is more difficult to keep the usual pace. “

“At least, I’m one of the lucky who are able to continue to earn their living,” adds the scriptwriter.

Another story“>

Another story

Motivation variable

Side motivation, the degree varies from one author to another, especially when we do not know when the shootings will start again.

Sylvie Lussier (5e – rank) recognizes to have more difficulty to start the machine in the morning. “Stress is never good for the inspiration. It is difficult to create the bubble when there is a concern for lots of things. I don’t like to write in the pain. It must come in serenity. “

For his part, Luc Dionne admits to having put in the time to regain its cruising speed when it is launched in the writing of the new episodes of District 31, in the month of march, a week after he finished the fourth season.

“Usually, a kick in the ass to begin with, it is enough. But this year, I took a couple ! Not necessarily because of the context, but because I had to stop writing. I have not had a vacation. I didn’t take rest time for me to clear the head. Start the machine, it has been difficult. It was like : I just crossed the K2, the worse it is necessary that I tape the mount Everest… “

A refuge

The climate of uncertainty has not slowed Danielle Trottier. On the contrary. The author of the life says, there have never been as productive. Writing became his refuge.

“When I write, I seem to regain control. Because it is me who decides what my characters do, when they do, and why they do it. I need it, because right now, we no longer have the feeling of being in control. “

Finally, Chantal Cadieux is encouraged in the thinking of the viewers who will greatly need to be entertained, once this crisis has passed.

“I continue to write because I know that it is good for people to watch the series,” she says. A lot of people only see our characters as their friends. Dr. Claire Hamelin in Memories bright, who was played by Marie-Thérèse Fortin… I’ve received messages that said that they felt less alone because of it. I can be useful like that : making people dream, by making them a little forget what is going on. We all have a role to play. “

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