How to actually “beat” on the Maidan “onizhedetey” two years ago

Как на самом деле "избили" на Майдане "онижедетей" два года назад

Ukrainian media continue to spread the legends and myths of a “bloody Maidan”

Today, November 30. Two years ago on Independence square, allegedly the soldiers of “Berkut” “brutally” beaten and dispersed “onizhedetey.” Internet meme appeared not by chance: in fact, the police regonal not the so-called Kiev students, and quite healthy men – militants “Freedom” and “Right sector”, which provoked the conflict. No, there are students, but I do not propose to repeat once again all the details of the provocations, and simply repeat the release of “he-files” in which everything is shown in detail and discussed.

As I wrote a year ago on 1 December 2013, the order of the so-called storming of the Euromaidan gave the head of the Main Department of MIA of Ukraine in Kiev Valery Koryak. He said that he ordered the special forces soldiers “Berkut” to OUST the protesters from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev. At the briefing responded to a question clarifying that this decision was agreed by the leadership, given the number of calculations to the presence of people who were on the Maidan. The Koryak noted that there were 300 soldiers of “Berkut”.As established then the journalists, the crackdown of the student Euromaidan was a planned special operation of the head of presidential administration of Yanukovych Sergey Levochkin, and by her was the then Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Volodymyr Sivkovych. He led the operation and gave orders to the chief of the Kiev police and then the mayor of Kiev Alexander Popov. Then, when they were questioned in the Prosecutor’s office, revealed that Sivkovych was broadcast the instructions of the Secretary of SNBO Andrey Klyuev.

But we’ve Ruslana knows more, isn’t it? Then let her to answer a few questions.

Why not a single Ukrainian TV channel did not show the onset of an attack of “Berkut”, but only its ending?

Why right before the attack on the Euromaidan left is the singer Ruslana, who said it would be there that night? Why the left MPs that there was supposed to be on duty? In particular, the Deputy from “Batkivshchyna” Serhiy Sobolev allegedly referred to a bad heart, and quickly disappeared.

Why is audio equipment that stood on the Euromaidan, before the attack of “Berkut” has suddenly taken? Moreover, were taken personally by the Deputy Arseniy Yatsenyuk!

Why the attack of “Berkut” started at 4 am and on the channel “inter” during the show, Savik Shuster live 23-30 Deputy from the UDAR party Iryna Gerashchenko became the voice that, say, beat people on the Maidan? Where they went after ether, which pointedly left? Because the Euromaidan MPs never showed up!

Why the head of the news Agency Reuters broke during acceleration after 4 in the morning, and the news appeared during the show, Savik Shuster in the 23-30?

By the way, the next day the photographer, as if nothing had happened, was back at work, shooting cool shots.

But I think all of these questions nobody will answer. The more pretentious Ruslan, which, remember, promised to burn herself on the Maidan and if it is dispersed.
So, let’s start in order.

The acceleration of Euromayday did not begin with the attack of “Berkut” at 4 in the morning, and that unknown persons in masks with symbols euromedinukas began throwing in men “Berkut” and militia firewood, stones, embers from a fire. Then, when “Berkut” went to clean up the Euromaidan,
n and on the channel “inter” during the show, Savik Shuster live MP from the UDAR party Iryna Gerashchenko shouted: “President, stop the slaughter!” Immediately joined live correspondent, showed a “picture” – all was quiet, no massacre was not.

Now, about the “massacre”.

Of the more than 200 people dispersed” “the eagle”, the medical institutions turned… seven. Only one of them with complaints of broken head, the rest – injuries, hospitalization, all refused. I’m sorry, “brutal massacre” has more serious injuries and even corpses.

But let’s look at this “slaughter”.

Here the girl talks about how they beat children. On her face there’s no blood, but smiling from ear to ear.

Here is a video recorded AS she and her other smashes. On 3.31 very well seen: no it did not hurt, “Berkut” made a corridor and she was taken out of the crowd, as well as other “onizhedetey”, which did not provoke the police.

As I said beforehand brought all the sound equipment, all the deputies gone, and those who are psyched for 4 hours prior to dispersal of the Euromaidan and right with the show Savik Shuster went to save the “children” to most of these children never made it.

By the way, about children.After dispersal of the Euromaidan, there is a new Internet meme “onizhedeti”. Do you know why?
Here the list of detainees by the police, “children” during operation “Eagle”.

Ivanov, Vladimir M., 1957, Kiev, voznyi Andrew I., 1970 R, Lviv, Dudek Vladimir, 1961.R, Lviv, uhrin Vasily, born in 1964, Ternopil oblast, Kryachko Ivan, born in 1961, Exactly, and similar students of the 34 detainees “unstudent-like” age about half.

Not only that – that this “action” was prepared by the then opposition, said not only the “false” on the show, Savik Shuster, and their ally, the people’s Deputy Anatoly Gritsenko, 14 January came from the faction “Batkivschyna,” saying that Yatsenyuk knew about the impending attack on the Euromaidan rally on November 30. According to him, Yatsenyuk had access to the radio chatter of “Berkut”. And although his entry on his page in the network Facebook Gritsenko erased, a note about this on the website “the Censors.There is NO” left.”That is, they had access to the frequency listened to and know where “Burke” moved, – Gritsenko noted. According to him, talks of “Berkut” the opposition could learn about plans to disperse Euromaidan and save beaten students.But for some reason not saved.Even after Gerashchenko screaming on the show Schuster 4.5 hours to the acceleration.

Moreover, later Deputy Oleh Rybachuk told that “gave” independence to the Deputy Andriy Shevchenko. “We passed and we were told that there are security deputies.”
And where was the security?

In General, you can tell a lot about a provocation staged by the then opposition in collusion with the head of administration of President Yanukovych, about the mysterious “aunts” national symbols which then with the police, against police, about “provocateurs” who were the first instigators, and then suddenly become national heroes and so on.

Just as started to make idiots of Ukrainians did on the so-called Euromaidan, and continue to do so today. And if you idiots continue to believe that we were attacked by the Russian army in the Donbas not kill civilians, as terrorists and in Ukraine there is no fascism. And try to tell it in such an honest Ukrainian journalists.
All the best!Alexander Vorontsov

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