How to attract gifts: what prevents a woman to get an expensive gift

Как привлекать подарки: что мешает женщине получать дорогие презенты 

Tips from the expert on the subconscious and financial development, a clinical psychologist, a kinesiologist, author of two books, the best psychologist of the year by the magazine PRIME ONE Yana Liminality child for the New year looking forward to Santa Claus and enthusiastically looks under the tree to get long-awaited gifts. Remember yourself in childhood — how have you enjoyed the new toy, beautiful frock, the bag of candy. Think about whether you sincerely for the gifts now? With the same genuine enthusiasm, and most importantly, as something natural, not demanding anything in return? I’m sure that many of you doubted. Let us look at the true causes of doubt and how to rid of misconceptions about those who gives to you.What prevents a woman to get expensive gifts?The main reason lies in stereotypical thinking, wrong attitudes formed under the influence of the nearest environment and an unsuccessful personal experience. At the level of consciousness you want to get expensive gifts, and the subconscious mind shows the big “padlock”, i.e. a ban, which can be described with phrases such as “to Receive gifts — it’s a shame”, “Expensive jewellery, a cruise in the Mediterranean do not give without reason, and with any hint or will require something in return” and so on. Such limiting beliefs are many.And in this case tells you your mind? Of course, you are saying that giving gifts is much nicer than to receive them. Is a protective reaction of the psyche in response to internal injury that is causing the feeling of helplessness, self-doubt (“I’m not worthy”). It is important to remember that the deep fears and negative preconceptions attract what you are so afraid.How to overcome your inner barriers?First and foremost, you need to understand how to build relationships with partner and other people. What do you want from these interactions really like? Create within yourself the beacon of this vision. Determine the quality of the relationship, set your standards. Because of this you will feel in what direction to move, adjust, you will make above their benchmarks with each gift. After all, a gift for women is not just a thing or an empty object, and the value of increasing the confidence of its significance for man, which it presents.As the lack of gifts, and their abundance depend on what’s going on in your head. Women with inner support and self-esteem there is no limiting barriers. They often have nice things which they take with ease. Think strong and confident become prosperous only when the alignment (correct parents, the absence of hardship)? Not always. There are many examples, when the difficulties of life, not only did not let the getting rid of complexes and fears, but, on the contrary, was the driving force towards positive change.Realize that gifts are a manifestation of subviet, we deal with what separates us from the acceptance of gifts and how to take the first step yourself. Now secure all this in practice. To repeat myself this belief: “to Obtain expensive things and bestow me — it’s nice and natural. They are part of love and a normal relationship.” What do you feel after the pronunciation of this phrase?Rate your feelings on a 10-point scale. What mark are you? If the number 9 or 10, then you have no prejudice against those who offer it. If the lower bound, that is, the resistance which causes your incorrect installation. Each time mentally increase the number until, until you reach the top. Select the best for yourself and repeat: “I am worthy of expensive gifts and take them naturally, as well as get paid. I am a woman that translates into the world of men as the desire to bestow me.”When freed from limiting beliefs, you will begin to receive material benefits from loved one, but will be a resource to achieve success through your creative energy. It’s a mutual energy exchange.

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