How to attract money luck — a powerful ritual of money on 11 and 21 June 2018

Как привлечь денежную удачу — мощный ритуал на деньги 11 и 21 июня 2018 года

The most powerful rite is mysteriously going to change your destiny, very popular in China. What is the secret rite of the Qi Men Dun Jia.

And in order to get rich quickly is no need of difficulties. The main thing — faith and action! For the ritual need a compass and a candle, but do not hurry — perform the ritual will take two days, after which you with 100% guarantee you will become rich!

Powerful rite of Qi!

The phrase means “Art of China” and the main tools are the energy and some intangible components.Everyone has long known that thoughts are material, and ritual teaches how to direct energy flow in the right direction.

According to Chinese teachings, energy flows are chaotic, and are replaced every 12 months. Also cycles they are recovering, but their return is unknown — it can happen at any time.

How does it work?

One must become a conduit of grace energy to do this, he should be placed in the appropriate place — “grace track”. And your life will change so drastically that you will not have time to blink.

Career will be very successful and will be a variety of solutions to problems, and the family will be peace and prosperity!

A powerful ritual step by step

Take a Church candle and light it in the center of the room. The room can be any. The candle should burn for 90 minutes, you can go about their usual business.

For a more complete effect in these minutes it is recommended to visualize your desires, to imagine before my eyes mountains of money, your desires and dreams.

Imagine that you already have what is your most coveted dreams. Yes, here they are, right in front of you, tangible. This will help to concentrate the flux.

The more you spend the Chinese ritual, the stronger will be your position and wealth. After all, the cost is essentially no with the exception of buying the candles, and then she is sold in any Church.

So, we begin

Как привлечь денежную удачу — мощный ритуал на деньги 11 и 21 июня 2018 года

Determine the center of the room. Next, take a compass and spin him to the position of the arrow as shown. The direction shown with the arrow. Imagine that painted on the wall of an invisible scale, and you need to define the sector in the North-East angle of 45 degrees.

Everything with the place we decided. now in the specified place to put a lighted candle 11 and 21 and help to direct the flow visualization and meditation.

After 90 minutes the candle will extinguish. And it is important! — if the specified sector fell for a room with a bathroom, you will need to reschedule you to another room.

A powerful rite — memo

11 Jun light a candle at 19:35, turn off at 21:19 Moscow time.

June 22 to start at 15:42, and terminate at 17:15.

Share encouraging information, and tune in to the most abrupt changes in your life!

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