How to avoid calcium deficiency

Why calcium is called an essential mineral for humans, what happens to the body when calcium deficiency? What to eat to not feel a lack of calcium?

Як уникнути дефіциту кальцію

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Bones and teeth consist almost entirely of calcium, a deficiency is particularly dangerous for young children who are still growing and also for elderly people whose bones become more fragile.

In the human body calcium is present in the form of compounds and individual molecules, bone tissue to form compounds of calcium. Molecules of calcium are involved in the work of the heart, transmission of impulses of the nervous system, muscle contraction and other intracellular process.

Calcium is extremely important, and its lack is very dangerous.

A critical deficiency of calcium stops the work of all cells, but such cases are very rare. When the body lacks of calcium for the regulation of intracellular processes, it takes it from your bones. All processes are at normal levels, but the bones become less strong, prone to damage until fracture.
The human body can not produce calcium, it must get from food. To intake calcium could be absorbed by the body, requires vitamin D, which comes from food and is produced under the influence of sunlight.

What foods contain calcium?
Dairy products – yogurt, cheese, milk. It is the most affordable way to get calcium, because these products are already ready to eat, they do not need to cook;
Soy – soy milk, beans, tofu, these products have resorted to vegetarians and those who suffer from intolerance to dairy products;
Fish, especially a lot of a lot of calcium in fatty sea fish – tuna, salmon, chum. Fish is one of the most desired products, as it contains not only calcium, but vitamin D, that is, proper assimilation of mineral is guaranteed;
The oranges, the oranges contained only calcium, but many manufacturers of orange juice in the care of its consumers add to their product and vitamin D;
Some vegetables and berries, among them the content of lead calcium cabbage, broccoli and turnips. Broccoli belong to the “super” as it contains not only calcium, but also protein, vitamins and minerals.

The norm for a healthy adult is about one gram of calcium to grams of this food turns out not at all.

From calcium deficiency suffer vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance, also at risk are people with chronic diseases of the bowel. Some medicines have a tendency to wash the calcium from the body, they are administered together with calcium.

With a very active lifestyle and intense training, the intake of calcium increased to 1.2 grams per day.

The female body differs from the male, while intensive training girls reduces estrogen levels, disrupts the exchange of calcium compounds. Calcium deficiency kompensiruet special preparations, as a rule, they contain both calcium and vitamin D.

The optimal dosage of calcium is 500-600 mg per day, larger quantity will not be absorbed. Calcium supplements take in the afternoon as in the morning it is worse to digest.

Despite the drugs effectiveness, the best source of calcium are natural products. Excess calcium leads to the deposition of salts, disorders in the kidneys, heart and blood vessels, so taking calcium supplements only on prescription.

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