How to avoid lies and learn to trust someone

Как избежать лжи и научиться доверять близким 

All men lie. It is an axiom of life that is pointless to argue. The question can only be in the amount of this lie and the target audience for which it is intended. But how can you live knowing that you at any moment, you may wait for the hype? Very simple.Every lie is the reason of its use, and to your family life became harmonious relationship in her trust, it is necessary to exclude all sources of false information. Below I will explain all the details.Deliberate and spontaneous lossesthat two kinds of lie — a deliberate lie, or a lie “for the good” and unintended, which was not planned but “happened”. As a rule, spouses cheat each other, in order not to upset each other, to avoid quarrels and conflicts, or simply do not want to share part of his life with his half.The reasons for this can vary, but one solution: talk with your companions and not be afraid to discuss any topic, to prove your beloved/beloved that you are willing to listen and accept any truth from him/her and help to understand it.Remember, no lie can be “good” and “every secret ever becomes obvious”. So be mentally strong in order to live maximally excluding the deceptions.

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