How to beat Trump in Tuesday night's debate

How to beat Trump in Tuesday night's debate

The face-to-face will be historic like the one between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 in the very first televised presidential debate.

Nixon's dismal performance, looking nervous and sly, arguably cost him the presidency. In front of a limpid Kennedy with easy speech, Nixon got caught up in a bizarre syntax that made him stumble more and more as the debate progressed. Kennedy won the presidential election – but barely. His extremely narrow 1960 victory would have been stolen by his electoral machine in Illinois where the Democrats would have secured the support of the Chicago mafia godfather, Sam Giancana, with whom Kennedy shared a mistress. Sixty years later, the very future of democracy in the United States is at stake this time.

Biden faces a faithless, bullying, mentally troubled being who ignores the standards of decency, a compulsive liar obsessed with his narcissistic self. One advantage of Biden is that he is much more seasoned than Trump for televised debates. He has just made a dozen in the Democratic primaries where he defeated two dozen opponents.

He must blame Trump – he is the president! – all the calamities currently afflicting Americans: an economy brutalized by the pandemic, social and racial upheavals and a controversial appointment to the Supreme Court which will further divide the country. It will not be difficult for him to demonstrate that Trump is, at least in part, responsible for these problems through his negligence and that his incompetence makes him unable to deal with them.

Trump and his relatives spent the summer wondering if 'Sleepy Joe' was fit to be president and accusing him of avoiding debate so as not to be embarrassed by Trump . He may have set a trap for himself by constantly preying on Biden's age and mental abilities. His sustained attacks on Biden's cognitive abilities make him vulnerable to a scathing retaliation if ever it is he in the debate that becomes entangled in its contradictions: he presents Biden as both cunningly manipulative and hopelessly senile.

The two candidates are currently spending hours preparing, “coached” by experts. For Joe Biden, it will be decisive. He has to show not only that he can stand up to the queens bullfighter, but that he easily dominates him. How to do? I hope psychiatrists familiar with the Trump file advise it. To them should be added, in my opinion (if it hasn't yet), the team of writers of the Saturday Night Live comedy show who are used to parodying Trump and showing the character's ridiculousness. With the help of these professional pranksters, Biden could develop a daring humorous counter style with the White House jester the perfect target.

Verbally assault him at the start of the debate in order to throw him off the hook: Trump you're an ignorant liar (Trump you're an ignorant liar ). Biden is expected to prepare dramatized jokes that ridicule Trump in the comedic exploration of his recent presidential statements or situations by taking viewers as their witnesses.

The show would be hilarious. I can already see Trump looking annoyed, stammering, unsure of what to respond to Biden's hilarious but cruel attacks that might require Alec Balwin's collaboration. At SNL , he masterfully parodied Trump in presidential debates and in a memorable ” grab them by the pussy” skit .

Biden should be inspired by the most famous comedy duets. Him being the intelligent and rational character. Trump will only have to play his usual role of uncultivated, outrageous and disorderly clown so admired by his supporters.

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