How to become a blood donor


June 14 is world blood donor day. Date timed to the birthday of immunologist Karl Landsteiner who discovered blood groups. Transfusion of blood and blood products each year to save millions of lives. Every year the world gathers around 117,4 million blood donations. Half of all blood donations are collected in developed countries, where the lives of 16% of the world population.

In 78 countries blood supplies 90% provide unpaid donors. In Russia already more than 45% of the citizens at least once to become blood donors. Most often the blood is men and residents of cities. The majority of Russian donors donate blood free of charge, and 2% on a paid basis. Over the last 10 years the average age of most donors in Russia – 25-35 years. Annually in Russia need blood transfusion 1.5 million people. More than 1.3 million donors fully satisfy the need for blood.

A donor may become any citizen of Russia aged 18 years and older. Criteria donor weight greater than 50 kg, the state of health and absence of contraindications. Without harm to health blood can take men times five women four times a year. The day before and the day of blood is forbidden to eat fatty and spicy foods, eggs and butter. Before the donation from the diet should exclude nuts and figs, avocados, beetroot and bananas. Blood does not need to take on an empty stomach: you should drink sweet tea, eat bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables. 48 hours before blood is forbidden to consume alcohol, for the hour is to refrain from Smoking. 72 hours before giving blood should not take drugs containing aspirin and analgesics. The blood is better to take early in the morning: the earlier the donation, the easier it is transferred. It is undesirable to give blood after a night shift or sleepless nights. You should not schedule a blood donation before exams or competitions.

How to become a donor, the TV channel “MIR 24” said the President of open public non-profit volunteerism “DaDobro” Oksana Bogdanova. Interview see the video.