How to become an adult

Photo: Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
“Night // La vigie” allows us to consider the difficult reality of the urban youth living in disadvantaged communities, as many of the questions that torment you.

They are five teenagers refugees between walls so thin that we can hear the neighbor breathing. Mylane tries to exist in the eyes of others, Steven wants to settle somewhere, so that Van dream from. Ju seeks a way to be great and Beef, his brother, wants to become a male. Each one expresses his burning need to be, to know, to understand, to question life, the standard, the seem.


This is after having played the role of “big sister” to a little girl of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in 2003 that the actress and singer Véronique Pascal had the idea to create The night // The watchman, a play about a group of teenagers left to fend for themselves. They speak the language of the street, express themselves as they can with all their injuries, their love and their hope. It is in a modest house that we will meet again, fragile, but in solidarity, poor, and hoping.


In a staging by Jean-François Guilbault — which we had, in particular, the room Drowning — The night // The watchman will think about the difficult reality of the urban youth living in disadvantaged communities, as many of the questions that torment you. Growing up, becoming an adult in this world. The company Samsara strives to provide designs for the youth in which there is this eternal question of the journey and milestones of life. To see as early as next week in a first for the Home Theatre.


Parts in bulk


Teenagers and young adults are in for a treat this spring with Hurlevents Fanny Britt. Without having done an adaptation of wuthering heights by Emily Brontë, Britt is nourished of the classic to bring us elsewhere, in the heart of the generation Y In a directed by Claude Poissant, she offers a reflection on youth and maturity. To see at the salle Fred Barry du theatre Denise-Pelletier from January 31.


Discover Home Theatre, Us/them, a creation of the flemish theatre Bronks held in Reims in 2017 at the festival Meli’Kid. The starting point of a hostage-taking that took place at Beslan school in Russia in 2004, the piece, written and directed by Carly Wijs addresses a news that shakes up our time.

Photo: Vincent Champoux
A scene from the play for the small “hospital of dolls”

If the piece flemish will appeal to 7-12 year olds, these workers will also be invited by the Theatre to the Front-Country at the end of January to the Home Theatre. Written by the author, and puppeteer Dinaïg Stall and directed by Julie Vallée-Léger, the room Everywhere else will invest the theme of escape into a theatre of shadows.


And, finally, the smallest can be carried by a hospital of dolls, which brings to the Home Theatre in February, a play about the childhood is left behind. With Big Beaks in march, a new creation of the Theater of the Eggplant entitled Riopée will stage four clowns gathered together in a desire to join the other. For art lovers clown, he will also have to watch the Network’s programming scenes in which Pss Pss, the swiss company Baccalà, épivarde without words to amuse the whole family.


The Théâtre Le Clou does not lose time. After 20 years of playing the Zurbains — pane, which ended in December last year, the company sets out again in search of talent with the Scriptarium. Upstream of the project, Stéphane Crête has sent a provocative letter to young people in secondary schools, accusing them of being a generation of lazy. They were invited to respond to the actor to convince him otherwise. The letters selected will contribute to the creation of the show and the piece will be presented at salle Fred Barry du theatre Denise-Pelletier in may.

The night // La vigie

Text of Véronique Pascal, directed by Jean-François Guilbault, with Kathleen Aubert, Benjamin Welcome-Déziel, Solo Fugère, Audrey Guériguian and Véronique Pascal. A creation of Samsara Theatre. Presented to the Home Theatre from 17 to 21 January. For the 14-17 years of age.

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