How to become an ideal woman: seven secrets

Как стать идеальной женщиной: семь секретов

Every woman wants to be wanted, loved and perfect for my man. But not everyone understands how to achieve it. And it’s not because something is wrong, you just miss the right moments, considering them unimportant. To your attention seven secret moments, after which you become the perfect woman. Having mastered them, any woman can become a happy and desirable woman for my man, says chartered psychologist Anna Litvinenko.
The first secret – femininity

Men are attracted to beautiful, energetic and confident girl. Add feminine skirts, dresses, decorations, clean hair, well-groomed skin. No matter what someone says, no man can fall in love at first sight in your inner world.

The second secret is sexy

A man needs a woman who is able not only to give but also to get pleasure. Therefore, for women it is important to develop sensitivity and to know the techniques of massage, manual caresses that will bring indescribable pleasure to her partner. Please note – a man whose woman knows how to deliver and have fun, earn much more, says Anna.

The third secret is emotion

A man appreciates a real, fun, affectionate, amazed a “girl”. When a loved one says something- you look at it with enthusiasm and amazement, because in the world there is no more interesting and intelligent narrator! Women can develop emotional in the gym, doing yoga, while traveling, or dancing while cleaning. And when the husband returns home, meeting his cheerful, glowing and not irritated, and the woman herself feel better.

The fourth secret is love

A man in need of unconditional love, absolute acceptance, and maternal care. Married, the guy shifts all the household chores from her mother in the hands of his wife. House for him – a place where he forgets about all the worries. The warmth developing when touching, stroking, embracing.

The fifth secret is happiness

People want to see implemented, creative, holistic person. To have it heard and respected you, you need to be successful in a professional or any other field. But remember, when a woman is drowning in self-realization, and the man fades into the background, he has another interest or another woman. The man just needs to be the best and most meaningful for their women. If your relationship is not so – the chain will break.

Как стать идеальной женщиной: семь секретов

The sixth secret is the wisdom

Woman for her man, an interesting interlocutor and understanding friend. She needs to respect his job choice, but also to share their Hobbies.

The seventh secret – spirituality, faith

For men it is important that the woman believed that everything would be OK, she has the best husband and children in the world. No matter what happens, she is always calm.

The psychologist also advised the women to be creative and engage in regular expression.

“Even if you are an artist, seamstress or poet, create-anytime, anywhere. So you share accumulated inside, Express yourself, leave a personal mark in this world. In the end, so you calm down. Write down an interesting idea, make a bouquet, tie a scarf in new ways. It can not work. It works. And you can always say: “I see it!”. And even better, write yourself a list of what you would like to do or try this winter,” advised Anna Litvinenko.

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