How to become beautiful for cheap: wonderful drugstore beauty tools that are worth a dime

Как стать красивой за дешево: чудесные аптечные средства для красоты, которые стоят копейки

Medical cosmetics is quite an expensive thing which still does not always guarantee the result. In caring for our beauty, we spend a lot of money, all the while waiting for that result. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to drugstore remedies that cost pennies and have invaluable benefits.

How to become beautiful

1. Hydrogen peroxide

This drug is known to everyone. This is the best disinfectant, which is in almost every home. We often use peroxide to stop bleeding and disinfect wounds. But the use of the funds is not the only problem.+

Decided to get rid of blackheads on the skin? Moisten your face with hydrogen peroxide before the procedure. So the keratinized layer of skin is eliminated, allowing content to freely get out. Squeeze the dirt will be from the first press. After cleaning the whole area, treated areas need to wet the peroxide locally. The next day you will get smooth and clean skin.+

Hydrogen peroxide can replace deodorant. Enough to wipe your armpits with a cotton pad with peroxide. This will kill existing bacteria and prevent further development for a few hours. The maximum effect can be obtained if you apply the deodorant to the treated peroxide and dried skin.+

No lotion or tonic? It doesn’t matter. Apply the preparation on the skin to cleanse and tighten the pores. This product is suitable for all skin types, and is most effective for oily skin. In this case, the use of the method is possible daily.+

2. Calendula tincture

The drug is sold in any pharmacy in a glass jar for a few cents. Tincture to cope with injuries much better than iodine. In addition to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, it eliminates the inflammation that triggers the regeneration of tissues and promotes active healing of wounds.+

Applying calendula tincture to boils, you can get rid of them quickly and painlessly. But in such situations, it is recommended to consult a doctor. But to treat acne you can easily at home. For this it is necessary to dilute the drug with water in equal ratio and apply it as a lotion.+

Clean hair can also be attained by means of tincture of calendula. The drug will dry the scalp, which slows down the process of contamination of hair grease. For this you need to periodically RUB the infusion into the scalp. Adding it castor oil can also strengthen hair. Over a month procedures you will get an incredible result in the form of healthy and beautiful hair.+

3. Alcohol salicylic

It is a famous tool in the fight against acne and seborrhoea. The drug is an alcohol solution of salicylic acid in a glass jar. A bit more hydrogen peroxide, so you can begin treatment.+

The most commonly applied solution to eliminate blackheads, blackheads, pus acne and excessive oily skin. American studies have shown that at the moment, salicylic acid is the most powerful protivopravnykh means, not having analogues in efficiency. And to put almost every skin disease.+

For getting rid of skin problems locally need to wipe each spot with hydrogen peroxide once a day. When the skin is slightly dry from the bleach, also locally treat acne salicylic acid. It exfoliates dead cells and cleans pores.+

In addition, the tool can be used to combat calluses and rough skin. Just enough to grease heel or other parts of salicylic acid.+

4. Romazulan

This antibacterial solution for oral, local and external use. Is the mixture of the extract and essential oil healing chamomile. So the smell of the drug bright, it immediately recognized chamomile.+

Add the solution to various cosmetic products. Adding Romazulan in shampoo, soap or shower gel, you’ll get an excellent cleaning agent. You can also take a bath with a solution, or make him a mask. From excessive oily skin, you can gently smear the face with a tool. It also fights gum disease by destroying pathogenic microbes.+

Essential oil of chamomile – azulene – incredibly powerful stuff. In cosmetics azulene is added at one gram, and Bank Romazulan him enough to take care of your skin.+

5. A solution of calcium chloride

It’s a surprisingly effective method of peeling. Calcium chloride will allow to get incredible results after the first application.+

The procedure of solution of calcium chloride the following:

  1. Wash your face, wipe, let dry.
  2. Apply on the face layer of the solution. Leave to dry.
  3. Apply another layer of mortar. Leave to dry.
  4. Using baby soap to lather hands and massage the skin, smooth movements to form coils of dead skin.

A solution of calcium chloride reacts with soap forming on the face a kind of film of salt. Rolling it, you remove dead skin, so exfoliation is gentle. But it is extremely important to verify the absence of inflammatory processes during cleaning.+

6. Oil of chamomile, agrimony, St. John’s wort, castor oil, nettle

Particularly useful are oil hair health. All of them cost a few rubles, so choose what to use – you only. Well, if to enjoy all these media in turn, will be able to obtain comprehensive effect. Warm the oil by lowering a jar of it in a glass of hot water. This warm oil to my hair twice a week.+

IMPORTANT: before use of such preparations you need to make sure that no individual contraindications to substances in the medication.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to achieve the desired quick and inexpensive. But we recommend that before using a drug to consult a doctor to be completely safe.

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