How to behave in the Orthodox Church unbaptized

A lot of unbaptized people are afraid to go to an Orthodox Church, thinking that may violate any strict rules and hurt the feelings of believers and Ministers.

Як вести себе нехрещеним в православній церкві

Actually, the rules are not many and they are not so strict as it may seem inexperienced person, informs Rus.Media.

Is it possible to attend the service unbaptized

First of all, you need to clearly realize that PTS does not prohibit the visiting of an Orthodox temple not only unbaptized people, but atheists, agnostics and members of any other religions. Anyone can go to Church, even during service.

The only exception: according to Church canons, Negresti people can attend the mass, or rather, it is the part which is called the “Liturgy of the faithful” and to the end of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. This part begins with the words: “Elitsa loyal, even in the world pray to the Lord…”

But even this rule is relaxed, because if people still go at the time of the Ordinances in the temple because of ignorance of how to punish or condemn, no one will.

If Negresti person wants to visit the service, we do it better in the second half of day: evening service usually begins at 16:00. Restrictions on visiting there.

What you can and cannot do in the Church of Negresti man

In the Church not to make noise, run, push and just act disrespectful to other people.

Men shouldn’t go to an Orthodox Church in shorts, and women in mini-skirts or similar revealing costumes because of irrelevance. While girls and women must cover their heads with a handkerchief, a scarf, a hat, and men at the entrance to the temple, on the contrary, you need to remove the headpiece. Negresti person also should not participate in Church sacraments, to try proforce or drink Holy water, and try to do some magic rites.

However, even unbaptized people can pray in the Church of God, to venerate the images, to light candles and serve notes for Christian relatives. Thus for the unbaptized relatives, both living and deceased, according to the canons, ought to pray only at home. To impose on the cross, that is to be baptized in the Church before the baptism is not accepted.

If, however, again out of ignorance, man has done something wrong – that the wrong way, as something not so turned on or came in the wrong clothes, the Ministers or the congregation can make a polite remark or to Express a recommendation, but no more. To fear it is just not worth it. Enough elementary common respectful behaviour and understanding.

Serious questions should go to the priest, waiting for when he will be released after the service, it is better in the evening. As a rule, in big temples, priests often delayed precisely in order to answer the questions of the parishioners and those who would like to be baptized, but doesn’t know how to do it.