How to build trust in Internet shopping: Top 5 myths about online trading

Как научиться доверять интернет-магазинам: Топ-5 мифов про онлайн-торговлю

Despite the fact that “age” is the first online store has long crossed the twenty year mark, users still continue to treat online trading warily and with suspicion.

Как научиться доверять интернет-магазинам: Топ-5 мифов про онлайн-торговлю

Top 5 myths about online shopping: what are you afraid of the modern buyers?

Myth # 1: online stores are sold exclusively to low-quality fakes.

In fact, most online stores are legitimate business, they sell only certified products.

The implementation of the so-called replicas under the guise of original products are only “shops-phony” – a little-known trading sites without live reviews and other data, confirming the quality of products sold.

Myth # 2: All Internet shops work only on a prepaid basis.

Many online stores primarily care about the comfort and security of their clients. For example, the Internet shop vacuums Debt offers to pay for goods:

cash in a corporate retail store or during a calculation with the courier;cash on delivery after receiving the parcel at the post office;a Bank card or Bank funds the invoice;in equal parts, that is, in installments.

Myth # 3: while online shopping, it is impossible to obtain quality advice or assistance in the selection of goods.

On official web resources of the top trading platforms operates an online support system for visitors. When you log on to the website, the main page has a window designed to communicate with virtual consultants who assist with Christmas SVG shopping.

Myth No. 4: the Cost of goods in online stores are much higher than their official price.

In fact, the prices of online sites are in most cases lower than in conventional hypermarkets and shops, because the owners of online stores do not have to hire and maintain a large trading room, allowing you to avoid high markups on goods.

Myth # 5: the Goods ordered in the online shop, simply can not get to the recipient.

As mentioned above, the main task of a successful online store is concern for the safety of potential buyers. That is why popular retailers use the services of only reliable, proven service delivery.

To begin to trust online shopping, you simply perform all of the popular myths about the online trade and make sure that most of them do not have rational and logical confirmation.

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