How to care for eyelash extensions?

After the build I want to admire your gorgeous eyelashes constantly. And of course, girls dream to have a perfect view of lashes remain as long as possible.

Як доглядати за нарощеними віями?

Flipping through fashion magazines, you still dare to build lashes? Great, it’s really convenient, eyelashes are always long, fluffy, black. They require special care… How to care for eyelash extensions?

Methods of increasing

The effect of the doll

Artificial cilia are taken of the same length and glued to its every, natural. Kind of look like a doll, but suitable for club parties, where the weak and flickering light, informs Rus.Media.

Foxy look

To build presume cilia of different lengths. The shortest are attached near the inner corner of the eye and so on-increasing – the longest around the outside. Look turns out tender and sensual, good for romantic dates.

Surround effect

Short cilia interspersed with long. The result of this selection line, eyes are well defined, lashes seem voluminous and fluffy. Well suited for business meetings.

Look squirrels

The entire line of eyes glued cilia short length and only around the outer corner a bit long. As a result, you will look “playful squirrel”.


But there are a lot of variants… are Used artificial eyelashes in different colors and lengths. It all depends on your imagination. Such capacity preferably for festivals, carnivals.

Lashes: contraindications

In the procedure there is nothing complicated or dangerous, but unfortunately, it is not for everyone. The procedure eyelash best avoided for Allergy sufferers and those who suffer from conjunctivitis. She also unacceptable to those who have weak lashes, they would not bear the weight.

Now you have long and thick lashes, but as they say: “beauty requires sacrifice”.

How to care for eyelashes

  • After the procedure you cannot wet the lashes for two to three hours
  • Eliminate waterproof mascara
  • Refrain from oily creams for eyelids
  • You cannot visit a sauna and take a steam bath
  • Limit contact with eyelashes chlorinated and sea water
  • And you cannot cry and rubbing the eyelids
  • Have to sleep now back

If your eyelashes for whatever reason has fallen off or wrinkled, do not worry. Please contact the salon and you will make the correction.

Lash care after extension

To prevent loss of eyelashes and for their quick recovery is best suited regular castor oil. Lubricating they eyelashes, at least through the day, you will strengthen eyelashes, they will become more dense and silky. Well, if breakage to avoid not have, to treat the eyelashes with oil will have every night.


If after the eyelash has been necessary to their treatment, a good effect is obtained after treatment with mixtures of natural oils:

  • Burdock oil mixed with castor and add aloe juice. Mix in equal proportions. Treatment is carried out during the month.
  • A tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil mixed with a tablespoon of burdock oil and a tablespoon of rose hips. Insist 10 days in a dark place. Lubricate eyelashes every day during the month.
  • Chamomile and calendula. Mix with castor oil in equal proportions.

Lubricate cilia need for the night and only after removing makeup. In any case it is impossible to lubricate the eyelids to avoid irritation, apply only to lashes with a clean brush under mascara.

To relieve fatigue well help lotions from decoctions of herbs chamomile or sage. And used tea bags, what useful as black tea and green.

And don’t forget: only you can determine the beauty and health of your eyes. Day-to-Day care and take good care of eyelashes and not only after increasing your eyes will still be crazy strong half of mankind.