How to care for hair and skin in the heat

Как ухаживать за волосами и кожей в жару

The tools used in hot weather, should radically differ from those used in the winter.

In the heat, first and foremost, you want to keep the moisture in the body, reports the Correspondent.

*At higher temperature, suffer hair. Under the influence of dry air and direct sunlight they lose the precious water, turning into a tow. For these reasons, hair needs to provide proper care, purchasing special equipment for protecting hair from the sun. We are talking about the “sun” shampoo, light conditioner and spray the protector with SPF.

*The skin of the face is required to ensure high humidity. Day it is recommended to use an ultra-lightweight moisturizer. Sultry night also we should not forget about the cream. If you think it is heavy, use a moisturizing serum.

*Don’t forget to replace your favorite winter perfume: it can be old version or buy a new perfume, but always light and unobtrusive.

*Make-up try to change the black arrows on white. According to makeup artists, rastushevok on the eyelids white shadow and brought them a white pencil, you will receive no less striking option. Moreover, a touch of snow on the eyelids visually increase the eyes.

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