How to celebrate the New year with fun and without consequences: the experts advise

Why you should not lose weight for the New year? What and when to eat during the night, so as not to lose shape? Asked a Pro

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

So, two weeks before the New year will definitely hold the hard detox. Exclude the food, I will drink only green juices. Maybe they’ll get bored, but they say you can throw five pounds. What you need. Suffer, but in the New year will come off! Still it is necessary again to start running. Can not only weight lose, but disappoint, and the goal this year along with fulfill — to become athletic and fit. After all, that’s what I made last year!

So, stop. You also do not believe that it works? After all, if in a year you wanted to lose weight, but the dream never became a goal for two weeks it is unlikely that it will change dramatically. But I’m sure that two weeks will be enough to the morning of January 1 this time really experience that life began anew, with a clean slate! Just this is the sheet we will prepare a little in advance, and start to offer right now.

If there is no time to read the whole article, at the end briefly summed up the results — especially for you.

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

Right now

The fact that diets don’t work, it seems, wrote and said all publications and bloggers. I’ll repeat this diet work as much as they adhere to. Is the diet to end and for you to return to the old diet and routine, the same weight here. Maybe even he’ll come back with a couple of friends. All thanks to the law of metabolic compensation.

In a nutshell it can be described like this: when strong cutting food hunger increases, energy decreases. If you increase the training volume the same thing happens. The body is frustrated, increases cravings for high-calorie food (to quickly quench appeared hungry) and slows down the metabolism. In such a saving mode instead of fat is actively burned muscle that requires more energy — and even if the scale shows a minus, it is unlikely that these pounds will go exactly the same wrinkles you are trying to remove. As a result, you are starving, experiencing stress, consume less calories, and thereby increase the chances to break in the new year’s eve and return all dropped, not only in the form of muscle and fat.

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

Artem Bratkowski, certified trainer, blogger

“In the caloric restriction of diet there is nothing wrong. There are those who know their adequate calorie and can form a small deficit until the New year without discomfort. Then new year’s eve puts the surplus, and as a result the body does not add — because the deficit plus surplus equals the support of (the most a condition when caloric intake is adequate and you are dropping and not gaining weight — approx. edition). But this is the ideal. In practice, people often do not know their adequate calorie and already eating well enough to form too large a deficit. Usually it lasts for a long time, which ultimately results in a ten-day break. After all, the goal is not just to prepare for the New year, the goal is to lose weight! And if we imagine that a similar situation happens with a girl with a couple extra pounds, which is 1500 kcal at a better time, she will get a very strong deficiency, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, sleep problems and as a result the breakdown.”

To jump in a leaving train, of course, is not the best option. And does it make sense? First you lose weight for the New year, then to summer, then back to winter. Isn’t it easier to get out of the vicious circle and start to eat in a balanced manner always and not only on holidays, or rather, in front of them?

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

Natalia Fadeeva, dietician, endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences, author of books about healthy balanced diet for adults and children:

“Food before the New year, and throughout the year, should be balanced, regular and healthy, then issues about losing weight will not get up. If you have obesity and you want to lose weight, plan this process better, of course, in advance, as the weight reduction should happen gradually, at the rate of 3-4 kg in a month”.

The best thing you can do for a week or two before the New year — not to try a new diet and begin to understand what balanced and proper nutrition. To understand why your body needs carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and how they can be. By the way, maybe our movies will help you to understand these issues.

Studied the basic rules begin to act. Remove from the diet foods, which include those natural (and complex) instruments, they usually do good for a bear does not. Instead of drinks with added sugar drink more water. Walk more and don’t eat watching TV serials/instagram/reading. These small changes, of course, will not bring quick weight loss, we do not tend to it. But it will help to end the old year and start a new one with something really useful and enjoyable.

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

New year’s eve

Historically it so that in the New year and Christmas you can eat whatever you want and in any quantity. But we live in a time when the abundance of food there at any season and at any time of the day. So I suggest to stop blindly follow the old traditions and learn how to invent your own, more useful and modern. For example, new year’s eve dinner to start early — about 18-20 hours, then go for a walk, which will allow faster to digest even a hearty meal. After each glass of alcohol drink a glass of water. But the midnight meet with put a glass of champagne and fruit for dessert. And so in the morning you can Wake up without the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and head.

Natalia Fadeeva, dietician, endocrinologist, doctor of medical Sciences, author of books about healthy balanced diet for adults and children:

“If you prepare it yourself, choose recipes less fatty foods. Cook lean meat or poultry, low-fat creams for pastries and dough. Look for useful employ, for example, is no odor make your or even replace it with sour cream or yogurt. Instead of sausage, use lean meat, as a dessert — yoghurt, fruit and berries. Reduce the amount of sugar, replace white flour for flour with bran. If you go to visit, choose healthier foods: fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. If you know that the guests at the table, this will not suggest that they bring something of their own.

If you want to try something high in calories, but as you think, tasty, use trial: put on a plate a teaspoon of each dish, being careful not to mix many meals at once. Follow the number of what you eat, especially if it’s something fatty or “heavy” for the body. And remember that drinking alcohol, especially strong, in combination with a fatty dish, for example, mayonnaise salad, can lead to exacerbations of pancreatitis. After the festive dinner don’t forget to move — walk, dance, play outdoor games. So you will be able at least partially to spend the received energy.

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

The new year is only one day. If you ate before the holidays rationally, and then went back to my healthy eating, no weight gain does not threaten you and detox is not necessary. Often after the feast, people suffer from alcohol, and it all depends on dose of this toxin. Harmless dose use is considered for women and men from 30 to 50 ml of spirits, respectively. This is about 300-330 ml of beer and 125-150 ml of wine. If you drink more than this amount, the next day take a shower, drink more water (preferably mineral), kefir, lemon tea, walk in the fresh air. And in any case do not use more alcohol! If you have a severe intoxication, with dry mouth, headache, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, dizziness, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, it is best to consult a doctor for help.”

New year, new life?

Don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in the phrase “As you begin the New year, so spend it”. Though, because life does not stand still, and at any moment can happen something that will change your lifestyle. So, if you really want to start the New year as something new, don’t wait for the first of January, start now. Gradually, step by step, but do something useful for yourself every day — make adjustments in your diet, less stress, allocate more time to yourself, do something for your pleasure. And if you were waiting for the same magic kick in the pants to something to start, consider I just gave it!

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

So, let’s summarize. Below mentioned points are helpful hints:

  1. Do not start to actively lose weight for the New year — instead, analyze your diet, select the errorsthat still allowed you to get in shape.
  2. Instead of restrictions and prohibitions expand your knowledge — for example, read our article about how certain foods affect the body, and then later think whether to leave them in your diet in the coming year.
  3. If you want change in the New year — start now, don’t wait for the day!
  4. Try to abandon a late dinner on new year’s eve and get the party started early, and the chimes celebrate one glass of dry sparkling wine. Or even a non-alcoholic cocktail.
  5. Don’t forget that the best way not to overeat on the evening of 31 December there during the day. For Breakfast and lunch, choose something light, but don’t skip meals.
  6. If the dishes in the New year you prepared yourself, choose the most useful and fresh products, minimize the amount of simple carbohydrates. Poultry and vegetables bake, not fry. Instead of dessert, serve fruit.
  7. Go to gala dinner guests — bring something useful with them. Can discuss this in advance with the owners, sure they won’t mind.
  8. After a hearty dinner, go for a walk or dance.
  9. To Wake up January 1, vigorous, energetic and without a headache, on the eve of be careful how much alcohol you drink. Better yet, alternate alcohol with water.
  10. And last but not least — try to reduce stress levels. The end of the year is not the easiest time, so don’t forget to do what brings pleasure, sleep well, meditate, spend more time with your loved ones.

Как встретить Новый год весело и без последствий: советуют эксперты

Text: Christina Podrezova, a food blogger and traveler, a columnist for f&f.

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