How to change your mindset to lose weight

Learn how our thoughts get in the way to lose weight.

Як змінити своє мислення, щоб схуднути

You want to lose weight, exhausting yourself with diets and practice good nutrition, exercise regularly, but the results did not please you. In the end, periods of hunger, change the “holiday belly”, and the weight comes back. Psychologists and esoteric claim that for weight loss we must change our consciousness and thinking, and then the weight comes back to normal, informs Rus.Media.

For starters, think about how you feel about yourself and your body. This can be Nude in front of a mirror and try to feel all your emotions. Perhaps when your far from perfect, in your opinion, the body you feel negative, irritation, frustration, anger, hatred and so on. What to do if you don’t love your body and perhaps this is the real reason of excess weight?

Accept your body the way it is

Embrace your body, as it is now, it is a given. But that is no reason not to improve. You need to love yourself and your reflection in the mirror always, at any moment, then to achieve results in weight loss you will be much easier. Remember, if you’re shy yourself, it is unlikely to go to the gym or go out early in the morning for a run.

Don’t compare yourself

If you want to lose weight once and for all, you can’t compare yourself with yourself from five years ago or worse, with other slim and toned. During the renovation period of his consciousness give up the magazines and videos about the ideals of beauty to compare with others to feel the same shame. Better read the literature about positive thinking and try to enjoy life more.

Don’t criticize yourself

If you tend to criticize yourself for every eaten piece of cake or sausage, try to abandon self-criticism. If you fell from the diet, it is better to “punish” themselves with unnecessary walk in the Park or exercise in the fitness club. Thus, you will get pleasure from the cake and from the physical exertion during which the extra pounds will be burned.

In the case when you reproach yourself for each failure, the level of the hormone cortisol increases, and this extra stress and anxiety. And one more reason to treat yourself to a chocolate bar or cake.

Become a better friend

Why are we best friend? To support in difficult times. You need to be friends with yourself, with your inner voice, then you will go to the target, and failures will happen less often. In addition, you will become a harmonious personality.

Listen to your feelings

In today’s world with its frantic pace of life we often forget about ourselves and forget to enjoy every day and every moment in your life. And this is important in order to feel happy and harmonious personality. Without this, you will be hard to control myself, and breakdowns will become more frequent.