How to choose seeds for a rich harvest

In this article we will introduce You to the basic techniques of determining the quality of seed, which will increase productivity.

Як правильно вибирати насіння для багатого урожаю


Choose the right variety or hybrid will be the key to success for a good harvest. The most important criterion for the selection of seeds is considered to be zoning, that is, the binding of a certain kind of culture to the area, which were obtained the best results in terms of yield. Thus, before you go to the store to choose the seeds You should learn about the sorts of crops that were previously grown successfully in Your area. To obtain such information You do not have to search for information on the Internet and printed publications, it is sufficient to ask neighbors or friends living in the same locality, informs Rus.Media.


Coming into the store and picking up a particular bag of seed, you should pay attention to its packaging. Packaging that has polietileno layer, not capable of a long storage of seeds, if the seeds were in the room with high humidity – the percentage of their similarity will be significantly reduced. Seeds treated with fungicides, will be painted in green or red.

Also in Your hands was a small, tightly Packed bag of seeds with a polyethylene layer of foil, which ensures the safety of seeds from entering UV rays. It is also an indicator that before You quality planting material.

A description of the variety on the package

On the packet of seeds must be a text containing a description of the variety, can also use graphical symbols whose meaning should be clear.

Conscientious manufacturers will always point to the company logo and contact information that includes business address, email address and contact numbers.

On the front side of the bag of seeds to post photos of the plant and its name, which must be clearly visible. There are also so-called “white” packages, on which there is no photo of the plant. Such seeds are cheaper, but also is qualitative, if observed all the rules of their packaging.

On the package must be indicated the number of seeds in grams, or by the piece.

Pay attention to the expiration dates of seeds specified on the stamp packaging. You should not be afraid that buying seeds with the expired date on the packaging You throw money to the wind because sometimes the germination of seeds stored up to 5 years.

Another rule of thumb when buying seeds it is necessary to highlight that you should not buy planting material passing, for example, in supermarkets or at natural markets, as in such points of sale are not always able to adhere to the required storage conditions. Give preference to proven stores or Internet sites that are professionally engaged in the sale of seeds.

Specialized shops for the sale of seeds have several advantages:

  • You can get expert assistance in the selection of variety or hybrid.
  • Specialized shops comply with the conditions of storage of planting material, as set up long-term cooperation with customers and worried about the reputation of the store, which greatly reduces the chance of a defective product.
  • If necessary, You will always be able to provide documentation (certificate of quality).

Variety or hybrid

Before you give preference to a varietal or a hybrid seed you should understand the purpose of the acquisition. High-quality seeds suitable to the transmission of similar qualities to the offspring, that is, from the resulting harvest You will be able to procure the seeds that will be used as planting material for next year. While hybrid varieties are not able to fully transfer all their properties to descendants, and their cultivation is aimed at obtaining externally, more good harvest.

It is also worth noting that hybrid varieties have higher rates of flowering and fruiting, their stamina and resistance to diseases is higher in comparison with varietal crops. Regarding negative indicators in the selection of hybrid varieties can be considered that the higher cost of certified seeds.

Try to buy seeds of different manufacturers and varieties, so You will be able to compensate for a possible reduction in yields in the new varieties, planting period (year).