How to cool yourself in the jealousy of man

Как охладить в себе ревность к мужчине 

Friends, nightlife, Dating sites, social networks, erotic Internet world create a lot of temptation for men, since there are many places you can travel, for example a good awesome option for strip clubs has to be those on the Magaluf strip as there is amazing nightlife there with some incredible strip clubs so check out Magaluf if you want to see some amazing strip shows while out drinking. Let’s talk…How not to be jealous of boyfriend’s former girlfriend?Avoid jealousy to the past, don’t let the last of his life to permeate your senseless illusion, even if you have a reason to be jealous. Remember that you are the person who chose your guy right now, and that means you better than his ex. It will depend on you: gone is the past of the guy in your present, will you be the only girl beloved, will you subsequently, his wife, or Vice versa, awake toxic thoughts that feed their fears. Remember that arranging jealousy, even ruin relationships.How to overcome a jealous ex-boyfriend?After the breakup of the former beloved now have another girlfriend and you need to understand that being jealous towards her, you think about a stranger you man, perhaps you don’t even know. She just lives in your illusions. Why give my time to her if it is possible to devote to the guy.If you aim to separate your existing relationship with your partner from a previous relationship, you must give up everything that reminds you of a past life. Namely, destroy it or your photos, delete the music that is associated with it, distribute gifts, avoid meeting the overall company and where it happens. Ignore his page in social networks, not ask acquaintances about his life, movements and plans.Enjoy fulfillment. Connect with friends, tie new acquaintances in the social network, concentrating on his favorite entertainment or completely out of work. If you find it difficult to switch, weep the sad explanation of music. This is the best way of responding to emotional turmoil. Put in order your life without the participation of the ex-boyfriend. You and he are on different sides of life.How not to be jealous of a guy around his girls?Many girls become more prone to jealousy, because men unlike women have become more active, independent and internally free. But, not even jealous one occasionally feels that sense of discomfort. If we look at ourselves or the actions of friends and adults, experienced women, you will find one simple answer: you just need to stop looking for reasons to be jealous.Understand that if a man wants adultery, jealousy will not help to solve the problem, but rather will cool him from the nervous, devoid of calm, bitter or mentally ill girls. But if a man really loves and values you and the relationship jealousy is unfounded, even from inappropriate behavior and harassment in a couple deteriorate, and pleasant events are forgotten. Jealousy pushes to impulsive behavior and rash actions. If there is a question about checking a guy or a lost trust, let’s discuss.Sometimes the lost trust cannot be restored. When testing you need to be prepared for the fact that suspicion confirmed, and then the relationship can fail. Some girls use to check their loved ones, phones and computers, forgetting that thereby do not leave personal space beloved. One of the problems is that girls in search of their contrived allegations of cheating, trying to justify himself.Even if a guy is flirting, he will not dare to continue, because he was hand-picked. Relationship with him fortify, eliminate the reasons for the search of jealousy and try to hold on to. Trust, respect for privacy and personal space of a partner to help you.How not to be jealous of a man to all?Smart, uwagawa yourself girls should be sure that they should be jealous, not them. Playing on the feelings of jealous men, she switches his attention to himself, forcing the man to fight for her and not to pay attention to other women.Do not make the person the center of your universe. Take care of yourself. Surround yourself with fans-the guy is going through for their attention to his friend. Show that you are more interesting. Turn the situation the other way around. Let the guy jealous of you and tries to interest you. For you it will be the pleasure of the woman, and going through a let the man. To have a “fallback” nobody forbids. It calms the girl and weakens the jealousy. Think positively, and thus, you will be able to put on the level of your relationship without any reason to be jealous. Do not try to directly cope with their fears. It doesn’t help. Just try to fill myself with pleasant feeling, which will be transmitted to your kid, and create easier communication. That’s when he will prefer your company and will no longer doubt her interest in you.How to overcome jealousy to your husband?The first step is to admit that you are the source of the problem. Focus your attention on the fact that the source of jealousy is you, not your husband, which means the recognition of innocence of the husband.You have to develop themselves, especially in trust and confidence. Look at what women pay attention to your husband and find what it lacks. Understand the parties that you feel weak and inadequate. Ask spouse, how can you change yourself for the better, and he openly admits you.You also need to move toward trust in the relationship with the partner. To defeat your insecurities, put into question your thoughts that are creating this uncertainty and prevent you to trust her husband. Let’s see what you really need to receive from your spouse, and that he must obtain from you? What are your real needs? Share your feelings with your partner. To say” I hate you parting emotion, and a direct attack. Just tell him how you feel: “I am jealous of you, when you look at other women. Because I love you.” In response a spouse may hug you, then your jealousy and sadness will pass. Perhaps it will be difficult to do, but you need to make every effort to make you feel better.There should be no insults and humiliation. Bad words and overly dramatic reactions will help you to get rid of jealousy.

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