How to create an unmanned dump truck – joint development of Belarus and Russia



Belarus has successfully tested the world’s first unmanned dump truck.
Car giant – the joint development of “BelAZ” and the Russian IT company. Truck with payload capacity of 130 tons and its loader are controlled remotely. About how it was created, the drone, in an interview with “WORLD 24” told the Director of strategy of the company “VIST Group” – the Russian partner of “BelAZ” – Alexey Vladimirov.

A.: our company has more than 20 years had a good experience with the mining industry. It is the largest vertically integrated our holdings. If initially it all began with the dispatching of mining complex enterprises, then added elements of optimization. Already four years have formed a global trend in the mining industry – the use of Autonomous equipment and robotic technology. We did not stand aside. With “BelAZ” we have a long-standing relationship and this is the only in the CIS largest manufacturer of mining trucks.

AV: the reading is from 2011, when we introduced the concept of “intelligent careers”. This technology is the extraction of mineral resources without human intervention. With this technology our company came to the Fund “SKOLKOVO”.