How to deal with temper

Temper can be considered a trait or a manifestation of negative emotions.

Як боротися із запальним характером

Temper disturbs life, especially when it is often and unnecessarily. But this problem can and must be fought, because its consequences are extremely unpleasant and even dangerous, informs Rus.Media.

What it is

Temper can be considered a trait or a manifestation of negative emotions. It’s emotional incontinence and the sudden explosive irritability which particular temperamental. Temper may also be observed in women and men, but men it is more common because women usually have other variations of human emotion: resentment, the transition to the role of the victim, the position of the indictment and hysteria.

Temper might be invalid (blank) or justified. In the first case, the person explodes without reason or for ridiculous reasons, and the second through stimuli, for example, unpleasant situations and people, negative events. But even if the temper was justified, it severely hampered, especially when it is regularly and frequently.

Why is there

Temper many psychologists believe in a character and this is fair, because some people literally explode for any reason, and the other ruffle is extremely difficult, or their emotions appear reserved or other ways. Sometimes the feature is unconsciously instilled and rooted parent involvement in education: if mom and dad are inflammatory, the child will learn from this and assume that this behavior is acceptable and normal.

There are reasons that provoke or intensify the temper, and these include:

  • Poor diet, for example, overly strict diet exclusion from the diet of certain foods and the predominance of monotonous food, starvation, or, on the contrary, systematic overeating. Nutrient deficiency affects the nervous system.
  • Bad habits: alcohol abuse, drug use, Smoking.
  • Strong physical fatigue, frequent fatigue.
  • Nervous tension, emotional overload, stress and anxiety.
  • Mental or emotional excessive load.
  • Constant lack of sleep.
  • Low self-esteem, lack of faith in yourself and your strength. Imaginary helplessness often causes to break.
  • Dissatisfaction with themselves, other people, life or specific events.
  • Physiological factors, namely health problems: frequent colds, chronic diseases, accompanied by unpleasant or painful symptoms.
  • Hormonal disorders and changes inherent in women during pregnancy, during menopause and menopause, some gynecological diseases.
  • Mental disorders, instability of the emotional background.

How does

Consider possible manifestations of temper:

  • emotional outbursts;
  • mood swings from joy and pleasure to anger and irritation;
  • strong uncontrollable irritation;
  • unwillingness to listen to the opponent, to listen to the opinions of others;
  • shortness of breath and palpitations;
  • trembling in the extremities;
  • excessive sweating;
  • quick, sometimes incoherent and incomprehensible speech;
  • swear words;
  • gestures;
  • the use of physical force people or inanimate objects (throwing furniture, hitting the walls);
  • change the color of the skin: redness, bagrote, red spots.

Usually the temper manifested by some spikes. During the attack the person is not in control of himself, but then can be aware of guilt and wrong behavior, feel emptiness, depression, helplessness, the failure of their own.

How to solve the problem

How to deal with my temper? If it occurs occasionally, does not interfere with life and do not negatively affect other people, then do not worry: to throw out the emotions you need. If you are excessively quick-tempered, often frustrated and not in control of themselves, their words and actions, then the problem should be solved. Helpful tips quick-tempered people:

  • Awareness and correction of behaviour. This method includes several stages: first, analysis of the situation. Think about what brought you out of yourself and made nervous: independent of events, unpleasant situations, communication or conflict with certain people, their own helplessness or awkwardness. The second stage – conclusions: be aware of emotions, describe the feelings. The third stage – correction. Consider how best to behave next time to avoid temper. So, you can pre-prepare for the different events, to avoid contact with unpleasant people and conflicts.
  • Rest. When overvoltage is helpful just to relax, to sleep well, not to think about things and care.
  • Change in the situation. Try to travel, go visit, go Hiking, walk in the Park.
  • Eliminate irritants. If possible, neutralize all the factors that can piss you off.
  • Pleasant memories. In a flash of anger, think about something good: a loved one, held a vacation, any memorable event.
  • Relaxation. Learn relaxation techniques, such as meditation, abstraction, visualization (creating images and using imagination), listening to your favorite music.
  • Sublimation. Direct the energy in another direction, for example, exercise, scream into a pillow, hit a punching bag.
  • Favorite thing. Finding an interesting hobby, you will be able to escape in difficult times, and to good emotions.
  • Professional help. If the temper bothers you, consult a psychologist, find out its nature and with the help of an experienced professional adjust your behavior and learn to control your emotions.
  • The thing that takes the edge off. Have a subject that helps you to control your emotions.

Risks and consequences

Temper is dangerous, often leads to tragic consequences. First, it prevents at work: don’t give professionally to perform tasks and communicate with colleagues and clients to achieve success and prove yourself as a worthy employee.

Second, excessive temper out of place in personal and family life. If you constantly break close, they will be offended and suffer, in the end, may restrict or terminate communication with you.

Third, frequent emotional explosions, hazardous and fraught with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, frequent exacerbations of chronic diseases, problems with digestion.

Fight with your temper efficient and timely manner, so she didn’t ruin your life completely.