How to decorate a Christmas tree for New year 2020 to attract good luck

Как нужно наряжать елку на Новый год 2020 для привлечения удачи

New year 2020 will come very soon, and that means time to prepare is running out. Decorating the Christmas tree is often ahead of time, thinking about its design. But there are still many nuances that need to be taken into account if you want to attract into your life good luck.

What kind of tree to choose

Humane approach, which contradicts the shearing of a living tree, is to buy artificial. But, in China, for example, believe that an artificial fir tree has dead energy and thereby is able to attract only trouble. While a live tree has such strong energy that can dramatically change a person’s life.

Where to put the Christmas tree in Feng Shui

To select the location where you will show off the main new year’s decoration must be guided first and foremost not your desire and the rules of Feng Shui. Of course, if you want to attract into your life good luck.

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According to the teachings of Feng Shui, each house can be divided into sectors, which are responsible for a certain sphere of human life. Accordingly, what sphere of life you want to improve the sector for the Christmas tree and choose:

North – career, success;South – glory, self-development;West creative development, children, East, family, health;North West – travel, travel;North-East-knowledge, experience;southwest – love and marriage;South-East – money, luck, prosperity.Just remember that whatever sector you choose, there it is necessary to restore order and remove all unnecessary things that can ease the flow of positive energy Christmas tree.

What decorations to choose for the Christmas tree in the year of the Rat

The patroness of 2020 will be a white Rat that likes modesty. But to be taste in jewelry is, if you don’t want your decorations look boring and miserable.

Как нужно наряжать елку на Новый год 2020 для привлечения удачи

Choose to decorate Christmas tree right Cotabato: Pexels

To honor the patroness of 2020, it is necessary to choose the toy with the image of Rats. In addition, flowers the next year will be white, gold, silver and metal color. Pay also attention to natural decorations such as acorns, pine cones, nuts and fruits.

Decorating the Christmas tree is also a variety of tinsel. Her choice should be approached carefully, because white and silver tinsel will help to bring the house harmony red – love, yellow gold and riches.

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