How to destroy the state?

Как уничтожить государство?

1. First we need to destroy the economy of the state, the entire high-tech industry, to eradicate the technical intelligentsia and skilled workers. To destroy any manifestation of collectivism, to create a cult of consumption.

2. To cause stratification of the population, allowing the absolute minority to seize all businesses and infrastructure. To ensure that all workers receive low wages, pensioners a miserable pension, so that all able-bodied and educated professionals have left the country and went abroad in search of a better life.

3. To create for the rest of the country intolerable conditions of existence. Conduct soft genocide of the population, especially the elderly, depriving them of access to health care, raising prices for utilities and food. For young people, organize advertising of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, make access to him as free.

4. To destroy the education system, to minimize the teaching of the exact Sciences, to focus on various humanitarian subjects and useless professions, to rewrite history. To educate the younger generation of morons with kaleidoscopic thinking. Reading books replace watching TV series, talk shows, pornography, propaganda of violence and the worship of money.

5. To abandon the realistic art and literature, developing instead, the so-called contemporary art: exhibitions of excrement, human and animal corpses, garbage and other fruit inflamed imagination. To deny ordinary people access to alternative sources of information. To organize a powerful propaganda and brainwashing the population.

6. To destroy their own science, forcing scientists to leave the country. To educate new scientists of those oligophrenics who have received modern education. The subject of research to do all sorts of stupid problems, like the influence of the Aurora Borealis on milk yield in rabbits.

7. Take control of the entire political system of the state, to impose a system, the so-called democratic elections, which can defeat only those who have financial resources. Cut off from the opportunity to be elected to the Central authorities any reasonable people. The dumber will be elected representatives, the better. Elections should be held at least 1 time in five years, but better every two years so that no head of state was not able to orientate in current issues. Change of Ministers each year to the economy and the social sphere were constantly in chaos.

8. To create a powerful law enforcement agencies, and penal units, who will defend this government. To organize a total surveillance of all dissidents. To introduce state terror against opponents of the regime.

9. To subordinate the state’s financial system, making it dependent on foreign exchange and financial investments. To put the country on a credit needle. To destroy her entire industry, making fully dependent on imports. Afford to develop only the primary sector with low added value, thereby converting it into a raw materials appendage.

10. To destroy the traditional family, to impose on the population, the so-called universal values, homosexuality, gender policy, juvenile justice, tolerance and multiculturalism. Through cultural cooperation to destroy all inherent in the people, faith, tradition, and way of life. To educate the new generation in other people’s traditions and values.

11. To split the one Church into several parts and to create the conditions for the functioning of the various sects, including totalitarian.

12. If a multinational country, to incite one nation to another. It is desirable to choose the most stupid and uneducated tribe suffering from an inferiority complex, to declare him titular nation strongly encouraged the representatives of this tribe, give them maximum access to the media to promote their views. To ban all other languages except the language of the titular nation. Maximum primitivized this language, so that it expressed only the most essential household concept. To deprive the population of access to scientific and technical knowledge. Translate all education in this language.

13. To rally the nation to create the image of an external enemy, in every possible way to demonize him in the media, to explain all the negative things in the state the influence of the enemy.

14. To organize a civil war, incite one part of the population to another. To blame in this fratricidal war neighbor and shout at every corner that he attacked the country. Any economic failure, rising prices, falling living standards, to explain the machinations of an external enemy and waged war with him. After this war killed hundreds of thousands, left thousands crippled, the gene pool of the nation will be destroyed, cause a split of the country and collect her pieces under its influence. On the remaining fragment of the former state, to install a puppet government, completely subordinate to external influence.

15. The rest of the population deprived of access to adequate education and health care. To ensure its primitive spectacles, cheap drugs and alcohol. After 30 years of this policy, the country is ready to colonize new hosts, and the natives turned into mindless slaves.Vitaliy SKOROKHODOV

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