How to develop creativity: seven effective methods

Как развить креативность: семь эффективных способов

Creativity is needed by everyone, not just people of creative professions. It helps from a different angle to look at everyday things and increase their efficiency and productivity. That’s just creative approach have not all. How to develop creativity or enhance it, versed in the article.
Your attention seven proven and effective ways to develop their creativity.

1. Don’t wait for inspiration – go for it

Here, as with the appetite that comes with eating. Do not wait for inspiration, the Muse or inspiration – start to work and you will certainly get it all in the process. Because, if you sit idly by and wait for something from above, it is possible and not to wait for inspiration, but more just making it worse.

2. Limit selection

To grab everything at once is impossible, so trying to do as much as possible, the person sprays your attention. If you want to stimulate your creativity, limit your choices, give up some features in order to concentrate on one thing.

3. Work in a cafe

It is considered that it should be nice to work productively. But, as studies have shown, the level of background noise in a cafe is 70 decibels, which is considered average. And it is this level contributes to creativity because it increases the complexity of information processing, and this in turn activates abstract thinking and promotes creative performance. Scientists note that low and high levels of noise are equally bad influence on creativity and human performance.

4. Choose an intense workout in the gym

It is known that intense physical exertion help to increase performance ideas and creative approaches. Scientists say that so they are pushed out of the subconscious and is ready for implementation. Choose exercises correctly.

5. Do things with the other hand

According to various studies, if a person uses the other arm to perform everyday tasks, and thus activates both hemispheres of the brain, and this in turn boosts creativity.

Как развить креативность: семь эффективных способов

6. Write down random thoughts

Everything that comes into your head during the day, it is better to write down in a notebook. Don’t underestimate random thoughts, often they can become a solid Foundation for creative breakthrough.

7. Laugh loud and often

It is known that laughter is a great stimulant activity of the prefrontal cortex and the anterior cingulate cortex, which is closely linked to creativity. That laughter elevates mood, and can not speak, here only not all know that it also contributes to creative activities.

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