How to develop empata

If you’ll be more likely to see in other people is good, in most cases you will find that it really is.

Як розвинути в собі емпата

In modern chaotic, complex, crazy world empathy is the glue that holds the relationship between people, informs Rus.Media.

Empathy is defined as the ability to recognize other people’s emotions and the ability to a certain extent, to see the world from their point of view. When people feel that they not only hear, but also understand and accept, it helps to build trust. This is exactly what you need in order to comfort a frustrated colleague, to convince the group to use your idea, or to reduce the degree of tension between you and your boss.

People are social beings, and because each of us is hidden the opportunity to develop empathy. Here are a few characteristics and habits, as people enation train your muscles:

They can be near people and not in the clouds

People that have high empathy, are able to communicate with anyone so that he felt alone with them – even if they sit in a noisy café. When they are talking to somebody, they give that person an invaluable gift of your full and respectful attention. Believe me, in today’s world full and undivided attention is a very rare phenomenon, which immediately grabs the listener’s attention to itself.

They learned to listen to others genuinely, and not just for the view

To do someone to help and support this man for real, you must first understand it. People that have high empathy, not rushing his interlocutors, trying to better understand their priorities, preferences and motivation. This requires the ability to listen without judgment and leave their initial assumptions outside of the conversation. In addition, people with high empathy automatically react to the words of interlocutors, to get them more information.

Reaction reflection: “I understand that you say that…”, or “I thought…”

Confirming response: Encouraging smiles, nodding, or short verbal confirmation of words like “Understand” or “yeah”.

Zakochuje reaction: “what happened?”

They always pay attention to the nonverbal part of communication

Communication with other people is not only words. If you notice that your partner is straining the muscles of the body, removed from you, or, for example, begins to avoid direct eye contact, this is an indication that you can use your empathy to quickly get through to him.

Instead of ignoring other people’s emotions, try softer and tactfully ask them to describe what they feel and why. It gives people more openly and freely Express their feelings, knowing that you will not condemn or criticize. Well, free expression of emotions, in turn, may facilitate the transition to constructive problem solving.

They are able to pause

When we are obsessed with the desire to help, we often climb into a monologue of the interlocutor, completing his sentence for him, offering advice or just interrupting in order to clarify something. People with high empathy know how strong a tool in a conversation can become attentive silence. They do not interrupt their interlocutors, and do not try to speak. They think before to say something.

Instead of go to offer unsolicited advice, they ask the question

Instead, barely listening to the person, immediately rush to ask him questions, people that have high empathy, asking probing questions to better understand the perspective of his interlocutor. It is questions like:

  • What do you think about this?
  • Can you tell me more?
  • What exactly do you mean by that?
  • What can I do to help?
  • How do you imagine it?

They often operate with the category of “we” not “I”

People with a high level of empathy, telling about problem solving, talking about yourself in the team – they say not “I” and “we”. Therefore, the surrounding feel stronger and feel their support.

Studies show that the change in his speech in this way is the first step to improve the level of empathy. People often use the category of “we” better understanding the thoughts, feelings and behavior of other people – and this is the basis of empathy. When you want to strengthen your relationship with the other person, you can do this by talking to her about shared goals. For example, “let’s talk about what we need to do to solve this problem” or “We’ll deal with it”).

They always try to look at the world from the point of view of his interlocutor

People with high empathy are able to see the world through someone else’s eyes. In other words, communicating with his companion, they try to imagine yourself in his shoes to understand their aspirations, dreams and fears.

To do this you have to practice, trying to put yourself in the place of each of your interlocutor. This is especially useful when you speak with the difficult person. Try to assume in advance that it is not malicious, and her negative behavior is caused by something specific, there is the exact cause.

If you’ll be more likely to see in other people is not evil, but good, in most cases you will find that it really is. This simple but powerful shift in perspective can create wonders with your mood, and help you to stay in a state of empathy. Even if there are moments in which you are not able to understand your interlocutor as good as you would like, you can follow this article describes the tips to keep that communication with other people is most important – close relationship between you.