How to develop your creativity?

We have collected some useful tips and practices to do it.

Як розвинути в собі креативність?

From all sides and only heard – “What a creative idea!”, “What a creative approach!”. What lies under the concept of creativity? It’s simple. It’s human creativity that helps to generate innovative approaches and solutions. But not all are the makings of the nature of the data. And if the Muse visits you often, we will talk about how to get her to become a regular at your head, informs Rus.Media.

Discovering the potential

According to statistics, a creative approach to 85% leads to professional success. And people with the creativity almost always takes more correct and high-quality solutions.

So, creativity is in demand. Fortunately, it is possible to develop. We have collected for you some useful tips and practices to do this:

Don’t wait for inspiration

Otherwise, you can never wait. After all, as they say, the appetite often comes with eating. So, starting to work on the job, the likelihood is high that the original idea will come in the process. Believe in a positive result.

Broaden your horizons

The person who is constantly engaged in one and the same thing keeps all the daily traditions, it is very difficult to venture from the road. And it is because creativity is not found. That is why the “expose yourself to new emotions and impressions. Read, travel, meet new people, try different work, change your habits.

All this will saturate your life with new events, and hence the opportunity to take another look at familiar things.

Write down random thoughts

Then, they are random to come when you don’t expect, and have a property to evaporate quickly. Never ignore them, even if such ideas seem unrealistic, inappropriate or strange. Record, and after a while go back to read.

Як розвинути в собі креативність?

Even if the idea will not be fundamental, then we can push on another, no less useful.

Communicate with interesting people

People associated with the work, always have their own vision, understanding and perception. Communicating with them, and every time discover new facets, be inspired and reflect. It helps to develop the creative abilities.

Try to start with the end

This method has helped many writers, architects and managers to make the right decision, to give a brilliant idea in and out of creative crisis. Focus on the result, imagine it in detail, and go the reverse.

Use special techniques

For example, is known to many brainstorming. Limit the time and give yourself installation during this period of time to jot down as many options as possible. Try not to think about every one of them, but just to generate ideas.

To go beyond the usual standard of thinking, you can also use the game “what if…”. During this game you need to answer the questions that seemingly contradict common sense. For example, “what if cows could fly?”.

Solve puzzles

Puzzles, riddles, logic problems will help, first, to find several solutions, and secondly, to move away from standard thinking. Besides, it is also a pleasant pastime, which can connect all family members.

Draw and do the opposite

Such methods of development of creativity – one of the most simple but not less effective. For example, you’re standing in line at the store. Look for the nearest item name, and read the title backwards. Create on the go some incredible names draw during break at work one that exists only in your imagination, pet. Make your brain work differently.

Will the creativity for promotion? Definitely. Is it worth it to develop? The answer is obvious. Let your ideas will always be the original, and the Muse never leaves.