How to eat chocolate with maximum health benefits

Как есть шоколад с максимальной пользой для здоровья

Recent studies have confirmed the benefits of chocolate for the cardiovascular system, the brain and the incidence of diabetes is due to the fact that chocolate improves the body’s sensitivity to the hormone insulin. But to use this product wisely.

The dietician Michael Ginzburg talked about the fact that chocolate contains a lot of “dangerous” components such as sugar and fat. But eating chocolate is associated with feelings of joy and pleasure, but in terms of psychologists tasty food makes a person more resilient and ultimately more healthy.

The main principle of consumption of chocolate – moderation.

“The bigger the number – the more damage, if it is less, we receive only one benefit. Older people suffering from atherosclerosis or type II diabetes, chocolate can be eaten only after meals and one in the day,” said Michael Ginsburg.

People who recover after the disease, malnourished patients, children with underweight chocolate will be especially useful, he added. In addition, eating chocolate helps to normalize blood pressure, improves the condition of people with a tendency to anxiety and depression.


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