How to eat for clear and beautiful skin

Как правильно питаться для чистой и красивой кожи

Rashes, inflammation and other skin problems are now familiar to many adult women. And rather big role in what we eat.

Taking into account evidence-based medicine food, unfortunately, is not always on the first place, especially with acne. But it almost always shows positive dynamics and change on the skin, if you adhere to these tips.

If you take the dietary protocols, the ideal kind of mixture paleo the Mediterranean diet. Are those diets that give the best visible results on the skin and reduce the activity of mTOR (an enzyme that regulates the synthesis of other proteins, its excessive activity – uncontrolled cell division). But if the paleo diet with a good emphasis on fish. And the Mediterranean – with a minimum of grains.The appearance of the skin improves with increasing protein in the diet and reducing carbohydrates.Exclude all the sugar, junk food – chips, fries, pizza; foods with a high glycemic index, TRANS fats.In the pathogenesis of skin problems important role played by the consumption of milk protein, as it is insulinotropic – increases insulin. Dairy products (especially milk, sour cream, cottage cheese) it is better to avoid if you have skin problems, but this does not apply to butter. It can and should be added to the diet.Every day eat lots of vegetables with low GI, especially cruciferous, vegetables green and yellow and greens.

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