How to eat to not get sick



Half of the chronic diseases of adult Russians – due to improper nutrition. The issue was discussed at the all-Russian Congress of gerontology and geriatrics. The disease causes deficiency of micronutrients due to excessive caloric intake. In the diet a lot of salt, sugar and animal fats, a little of vitamins and minerals. The people of Russia less than you need to eat vegetables, melons, fruits and berries. Few compensate for a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, taking special complexes. 54% of men and 59% of women in Russia are overweight. Every third Russian overweight – obesity. For 15 years the obesity shortens life. Being overweight for five years.

How to eat to be healthy, in an interview to “MIR 24” said the expert on healthy eating Alexey Hohlatov.

A. H.: First of all, it vessels. The power that we have now, unfortunately, goes from kindergarten and school, but now even more carcinogens, mutagens, modified starches. What in our childhood was not. We have vessels just clogged. In Russia there are health programs, but they are about the sport more. And about the food culture we have no programs. We have a network of companies that are engaged in Badami. This is perhaps the only, where the food culture they say, but it is not at the state level. And with supplements is also impossible to overdo it. Need to be competent to come – on prescription.

A. H.: And so and so. I lived in a warm country for a few years, there is generally no problem with proper nutrition. Why? There’s all rising. And buy everything in the markets, where cheap. A lot of fiber, lots of live food. And that in itself removes a large number of problems.