How to extend the life of cut flowers?

A simple but effective way to prolong the life of cut flowers.

Як продовжити життя зрізаних квітів?

Cut flowers often have a long stem or long pedicels, informs Rus.Media.

In such stems and stalks of the water which is absorbed from the pot, meets with great resistance, and water the plant very much needed instead of the one that evaporates leaves and flowers: plants with shorter stems and pedicels and lower surface of the leaves persist longer.

To prolong the life of colors, long stems and pedicels must be shortened. The first time the plants set in the water, Nada to put in the cool.

Як продовжити життя зрізаних квітів?

Water plants will be well absorbed, and its evaporation will be less. Such plants are transferred to a warm room, have considerable reserves of water and kept fresh longer.

Also, plants can be removed from the water, wrap in wet paper and place overnight in a cool place.

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