How to finish the objects “Ukrbud”: what systems will pass first and what money they will be completed

Как будут достраивать объекты «Укрбуда»: какие комплексы сдадут первыми и за какие деньги они будут завершены

It became known how and for what the money will be to finish the objects “Ukrbud”. This was discussed at a joint press conference of the President of the holding company “Kyivmiskbud” Igor Kushnir and CEO of the company “ukrbud development” Oleg Maiboroda. Last week the situation around the sites of the “Ukrbud” commented the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. According to him, the completion will carry out “Kyivmiskbud”. Later, the holding company confirmed its participation in the completion.

How to finish the objects “Ukrbud”: where is the money and what the LCD will pass first Details became known on Monday, December 16 at a press conference. The portal of real estate capital leads key points. Where will the money for the completion? “Kyivmiskbud” plans to spend the money private investors for completion of projects “Ukrbud”. The company intends to attract credits under the state guarantees. “From “Kyivmiskbud” is retained earnings over 10 years, but we will go to the KSCA and the state authorities. But the funds are not budgetary, and commercial under the state guarantees”, — said Igor Kushnir. What happened to the money investors “Ukrbud”? According to the participants of the press conference, the part of the company’s assets have disappeared, but the investments “Ukrbud” (buyers) are saved. The money will give “Kyivmiskbud” for the completion of the LCD, launched “Ukrbud”. Whether there was double sale of apartments in the objects “Ukrbud”? One of the most painful issues were suspicious of a possible double sale of apartments in the residential complex, which was erected by the “ukrbud”. At the press conference it was stated that the audit, which confirmed that double sales were not. When to be completed, objects with a high degree of readiness? “Kyivmiskbud” will be the acceptance of the objects of the “Ukrbud” within six months. The commissioning is delayed for 12 to 18 months. The draft LCD will not change. What LCD will be completed and put into operation in the first place? Of the 21 unfinished objects “Ukrbud” in the first place will put: LCD “Kiev Riviera” LCD “Kharkiv” LCD “Pectoral” LCD Kharkivskyi. The commissioning of the “Kiev Riviera” is expected in January 2020. As construction is the most problematic? According to statements of participants of the press conference, the greatest difficulty around the LCD “Char_vne Misto” in Darnytskyi district of Kiev. Unfortunately, its delivery is delayed for a long period. Related article: Objects “Ukrbud” will complete another developer. The list of unfinished objects Recall that, by December 2019 the Corporation “ukrbud” in was under construction, 21 projects previously commissioned 28 projects. Most of them – residential development.

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