How to fulfill all their desires: a practical and efficient method

Как исполнить все свои желания: практичный и эффективный метод

People who regularly achieve their goals are the winners. Their distinctive feature is the habit to think and structure your life. They regularly plan and schedule their implementation: for a week, a month, six months and a year. This skill does not come immediately – it requires attention and work. If you think that you are living not on the schedule, your schedule is just poorly planned. Or well planned, but not you, says chartered psychologist Anna Litvinchuk.
In new moon, which is expected today, 26 November at 18:05 local time, it is useful to plan for the future.

To learn planning a snap, says the psychologist. Importantly, the plan was the desired goal. The technique of “100 wishes” is an exercise to determine your desires and goals. Its essence is to create a detailed wish list.

“The exercise will help to make your own decision what is more important: “to Save money at home” or “travel to Asia and work in a free schedule.” Often, people want both, and here you need to choose the adventures or the accumulation of money,” explains Anna.

According to her, this exercise is very significant for women rarely fulfill their desires. After writing a list of 30-50 of the desire of their imagination “blown away” and generates new desires with great anguish.

“This suggests that they have forgotten how to wish. Rarely deliver even a simple dream – their appetite is dulled. Exercise will help to warm up” – emphasizes the psychologist.

How to make a wish list

To begin, try to find comfortable place that you are not distracted.

“Do not be distracted by sounds, movement around obsessive thoughts. This can be a room for yoga and meditation, distant lawn in the Park, a table in a quiet coffee shop or a relaxed atmosphere in the office”, – said the expert.

Further, a half or two hours, disconnect the phone, close the laptop, go by yourselves. You can turn to music. Take a leaf and a pen, write the questions as prompts for generating ideas:

What I want to do?I want to try?What I want to learn?What are my material desires?I want to change?What cool wishes I would make?”Write down your desires, 20 responses to each question. If at some point you will have more or less not terrible. Precision is an optional rule, it is more important to enter into the flow and write what comes to mind and from the heart. Write down on a sheet of treasured, unusual and alternative desires” – tells Litvinenko.

While storing in the list as is, do not distribute the items by importance. If, after the desire to “Want to plant a rose Bush” comes into my head “I Want to live a year in Australia” – this is normal.

At the same time, psychologist warns: don’t be afraid to write nonsense. Came to mind a ridiculous, but I have a secret desire – write! Suddenly you have long wanted to be on stilts and walk on the Central square of their city? Be sure to include it in the list of one hundred dreams.

Как исполнить все свои желания: практичный и эффективный метод

In addition, it is useful to cast aside shame: “Maybe you have unfulfilled sexual desires that you are afraid to admit to ourselves. This is the case when they need to write. Besides you, no one list will not read, and wrote a dream down on paper, you will get a chance to meet someone with the same interests. Be honest with yourself,” advises psychologist.

Go written next to each point, put a score from 10 to 0, where:

10 – extremely important and exciting desire. Example – to give money debt. You suffer the debt, you do not sleep and are nervous about it. You can put 10 points.0 – insignificant desire, the realization of which does not change life. Example – “I Want an IPhone X instead of the IPhone 7”. While you wait buying the model X, will have the following. The updated gadget will not make your life better.Desires with scores of 10 and 9 is the most important thing for you at this stage. Highlight them with a marker, write in a diary or stick on the fridge. Your wish list/wishlist – ready.


Write wishes on a sheet by hand, use a computer. Desire should remain and not disappear on a white screen.If you find it difficult to come up with 100 desires, then have you thought about not planning things for a long time. Do not despair and give practices more time. Write whatever comes to mind – not only dreams, but also ordinary desires. Look at the questions and clues and continue.There are specific wishes, but difficult. They also need to record, summarize your desires, it can be seen the main line of your development.Repeat 100 wishes each year, preferably in the same day. The reason can serve as New year, birthday and even the new moon.

“For the girls well the visualization of desires – a map of the major desires with pictures and handwriting. Women live more heart, visualizing the list – it is easier to hear the inner response. This allows you to check whether the good desires written or stereotypes popped up to the surface,” explains Litvinenko.

Save your 100 desires. If not original, then the digital version on your computer. After 6 months, review the list, cross out completed. Return to the list six months later and again black out. Remaining goal to re-write and adding some new desires.

Why the need for practice 100 desires and goals

According to the psychologist, this exercise provides the impetus for the development and fulfilment. While your desires are in the mind, not on paper, they seem impossible and disordered. Sometimes just forgotten. Writing them, you understand – nothing complicated.

“Keep the goal in mind not always practical. It is better to choose 10 important to remember. Let yourself remember paper. Use the memory for something else. Six months later, when you look at your 100 desires, you will notice that many of them came true. So you are on the right path to happiness and fulfillment,” says Anna.

However, the list of 100 desires will make you rethink life priorities and find their talents in other unexpected areas. Sometimes a person sitting in an office behind a computer, and dreams of a creative work. In its list of the 100 desires in life is not to find one that relates to the current job.

Instead, I discovered a desire to create silver jewelry. Writing on a paper diary, he compares “I the present” and “I’m perfect”. Inspired by change, goes on courses of jewelry.

“Make a list of your 100 dreams take a step to the knowledge of his main life goals,” concluded the psychologist.

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