How to get 3 times more crop of cucumbers

Optimal conditions for the growth of cucumbers.

Як отримати в 3 рази більше врожаю огірків

Cucumbers are very capricious and if they don’t like the temperature or not enough watering, if there is no necessary fertilizers, they begin to weaken, and can and do die or cease to bear fruit dropping flowers, informs Rus.Media.

Cucumbers love the heat, so the temperature for good growth and fruiting must be observed and maintained between +20 to +29 degrees Celsius.

At temperatures below or above the growth slows down and the temperature of +13 is critical for cucumbers, and they may simply freeze and die. If this temperature, it is necessary immediately to take care of winterization.

If too hot, you can use ventilation.

Watering should be carried out with warm water, 1-2 degrees higher than the temperature of the soil. Cold water cucumbers do not like and by watering with cold water, the growth slows significantly.

Two weeks after landing can be carried out the first feeding.

Before flowering should feed coronaca or a solution of bird droppings. More is better suitable fertilizer.

Also don’t forget about foliar feeding, and spray your cucumbers. All of these steps and simple tips will allow you to obtain a large harvest of delicious crunchy pickles.