How to get a man look and get what you want

Как возбудить мужчину взглядом и получить желаемое

Gaze and gestures are two of the most powerful weapons in the Arsenal of every girl. After all, with their help, you can conquer any man to arouse him and get what you want.

Guys like it when girls play with them

Today there is a false belief that only a female lioness that knows her worth, can seduce any guy. This skill is ideal to use you, but first read all the tips about how to bring a man look.+

You must realize that you have the tools of seduction! That is, all the girls first that they want to get a man, but fear, they say that they have no charisma, and are looking for another 100500 excuses. Actually take a deep breath and repeat that you have all the necessary tools to excite men, and you only need them to learn to use.+

Try! Exactly, try to use the tools. Of course, that for the first time, you will not be able to achieve, but the desire in men and interest you can kindle. First, learn to flirt, then Mani’s gaze, gestures and facial expressions. Guys like it when girls play with them.+

So you can start this game and remember, do not be upset if you fail. Because to master this skill, you need only one thing — practice.+

How to get a man hard look

Step # 1. Interest

Guys like when a girl calls interest to his personality. And as you can clearly demonstrate interest? Right, with your eyes. First learn to control the eye — do not hide them, and try to watch directly (but in any case, as a robot), just look at it and you should see what the eyes of any guy. And with a smile. Remember what his eyes? Can look take away. But not for long. If you feel that there is contact, soon you will notice his eye and his attention.+

Step # 2. The rapture

As mentioned above, the eye is a powerful weapon. Because eyes can convey the entire emotional range — from great joy to sorrow. Well no wonder they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But in our case they need to work well for you to be able to easily Express any emotion. So becoming in front of a mirror and practice until then, until you like what you see in the display. And without exercise with such things is to be very careful not to get faces.+

Guys love it when a woman shows a look of admiration. But not with the temple and cries, but just a nice look and a nice smile. This is what you need to train.+

How to get a man eye — see also the video:

Step # 3. Outfit

The whole image, that is the outfit and makeup should match the decor. If you’re at a party, that party dress if during the journey, it’s a beautiful dress, but without the studs. But it is also necessary to consider one detail that the outfit needs to help to get a man, but in any case not to be very Frank. After all, if too short skirt or too much cleavage, then he’ll think you’re easy. Remember that everything should be in moderation. And the man also can undress you with his eyes, if you wear long dress that hides all your assets.+

Step # 4. Gestures, posture

Also try to train your gestures. You must feel easy in any environment: from the time you go in to the event and until his departure. So, be graceful. It also helps to achieve the desired result. Most importantly — use all these techniques only to that guy who really liked you. Because if it’s to do with a lot of guys, you will all be perceived as frivolous. But if these efforts are aimed at the conquest of the only men who you like, then you will succeed.+

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